How do you beat Raxus prime?

How do you beat Raxus prime?

Simply use lightning and zap the skiffs as they drop off Rodian heavy gunners. When you get tired, go back to looking for thrusters in the junk pile. When all three engines are electrocuted, head into the core and ride the rotating floor to some holocrons. Otherwise, exit through the upper hole in the core.

Is the Force unleashed bad?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed isn’t a bad game, but it is a disappointing one. And it’s all the more disappointing because you can see, mired in the boring levels and bad cameras, glimpses of fun ideas. Like how you can finish your lightsaber combos with a massive lightning-infused strike once you upgrade that power.

Does Force Unleashed hold up?

The gameplay of this game still holds up. The destructible parts of the environments, the enemies, and your Force powers and lightsaber prowess are really impressive.

Is the force unleashed fun?

I’ve been replaying The Force Unleashed on Xbox One lately thanks to a little of the ol’ backwards compatibility, and overall this brave entry at rewriting Star Wars lore still holds up pretty well. It’s fundamentally solid, engaging and fun.

Where to find Raxus Prime in Star Wars Force Unleashed?

Use Push to break in the wall and grab the Holocron on the other side. At the back of the area, opposite the cliff, there is a glowing Star Destroyer hull. Use Grip to lift it up till it locks in place. Jump on top and look across at the Blockade Runner.

How to use force lightning in Raxus Prime?

It’s time for the most beautiful level in the game. Raxus Prime. On the beginning of the mission you will receive info that Starkiller learnt the Force Lightning. To use it, press the triangle. Go several steps straight. You will reach the engine. Use the lightning on him.

How to get to the engine in Raxus Prime?

Go several steps straight. You will reach the engine. Use the lightning on him. After a while, the engine will explode, making a hole in the wall, on another side of the lava lake. Jump down and go left. You will reach the lake full of lava.

Where are the holocrons in the Force Unleashed Raxus Prime?

Jump over the ledge and pull some more girders out down to make a path for holocron #12. Back on the main path, keep following it until you reach the entrance of the junk temple and titan #2. Once he is taken care of, open up the door and you will see holocrons #13,14,15 in the open.

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