What is a wooden tongue drum?

What is a wooden tongue drum?

The tongue drum is of Aztec origin, also called log drum or tone drum. The slit drum is a similar log drum of African origin. Traditionally made from a hollowed log; the modern version is a wooden box with tongues cut into the top, played with mallets.

How does a wooden tongue drum work?

The tongues produce the sound and melody, while the box enhances the volume within it’s chamber creating an effect similar in many ways to the human voice box. When you strike the tongue with a hand or mallet, a melodic sound resonates from the drum.

What is the origin of the tongue drum?

Who invented tongue drum?

History of the tongue drum Dennis Havlena, an American, developed it through some ingenious experiments involving a propane gas tank! The principle is quite simple: cut the bottom off two tanks, weld them together, and then cut out the tongues, whose width and length define the note.

What is the best wood for tongue drums?

Use the right wood You can use Oak or Maple for the sides and back just make sure your grain runs vertically on your end caps. The bottom of the drum is less important and you can probably get away with plywood. You just need something to seal the drum so that air resonates inside.

What is the difference between a Handpan and a tongue drum?

Steel Tongue Drums are usually smaller, but heavier than hand pans. They are made of thicker steel and resonate much longer than a Handpan. They have a meditative sound, but are less suitable for fast, percussive playing.

What is the purpose of a tongue drum?

They are what allows the instrument to create rhythms or melodies. Each tongue is tuned to a specific note. The weight, width and length of the tongue determines the sound and pitch of the note.

Why are tongue drums so expensive?

With very few skilled manufacturers in the world, demand is high and supply low. That is why handpans cost so much. I also wanted a grip on supply and demand and of course, I wanted to know what the best handpan was! a woman played a mysterious, ethereal-sounding instrument, some sort of melodic drum.

Where does the wooden tongue drum come from?

– The wooden tongue drum (synonym: slit drum) is a very authentic, qualitative wooden musical instrument that is originated from Africa, Polynesia, and Mexico. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes so there really is a very varied assortment.

What kind of tank is a steel tongue drum made out of?

A steel tongue drum, tank drum or hank drum is a round steel slit/tongue drum originally fashioned from a propane cylinder. A steel tongue drum can be made from an empty (often 20 lb) propane tank.

Who is the creator of the steel tongue drum?

The steel tongue drum had several predecessors, most notably the Whale Drum by Jim Doble and the Tambiro by Felle Vega. In February 2007 Dennis Havlena, inspired by the physical properties of the Tambiro and the tone layout of the Hang, created a steel tongue drum with a circular cross pattern layout and from an empty 20-pound propane tank.

What kind of scales can a steel tongue drum play?

The steel tongue drum is often tuned to pentatonic scales but can be tuned to the diatonic scale, the chromatic scale, or any set of notes the maker chooses. The instrument is played with the fingers or with mallets. The tone is bell-like.

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