What is Splinter Cell based on?

What is Splinter Cell based on?

Metal Gear series
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell (2002) Inspired by the Metal Gear series, it uses an Unreal Engine 2 that was modified to allow light-and-dark based gameplay.

Why did they stop making Splinter Cell?

Despite the franchise’s consistent quality and the latest game’s good reviews, Splinter Cell Blacklist didn’t meet Ubisoft’s sales expectations, and that likely gave the company pause when considering its next move.

Does Splinter Cell have a story?

Set in 2004, the story focuses on Sam Fisher, a covert ops veteran recruited to spearhead the newly-activated Splinter Cell Program, which is part of Third Echelon, a top-secret initiative within the National Security Agency (NSA).

How many Splinter Cell games are there?

Games. There are currently nine games in the series in addition to mobile games: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell (2002)

What was the original name of Splinter Cell?

This changed, however, with Ubisoft’s acquisition of the Tom Clancy name and what was originally a sci-fi stealth game called Drift became Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – a more grounded stealth game set in the real world. The series was a huge success with six mainline titles and a PSP spin-off.

What kind of game is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell?

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell® introduces a new type of game to the lineup: a third-person stealth action game with cyber-terrorism, shadow agencies and covert operations on the menu. Take control of Sam Fisher, a field operative of a secretive “black-ops” NSA sub-agency called THIRD ECHELON.

How many Splinter Cell video games are there?

Splinter Cell, as a brand, is owned by Tom Clancy’s company, Rubicon, and is licensed to Ubisoft to make the video game series. The characters of the game, as well as Third Echelon itself, were created by Ubisoft writer JT Petty . There are currently nine games in the series in addition to mobile games:

When did Splinter Cell Conviction come out for PC?

The game was due for release on November 16, 2007. However, the game missed its initial launch date, and on May 19, 2008, it was reported that Splinter Cell: Conviction was “officially on hold” and that the game had been taken “back to the drawing board”.


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