What is the orbital velocity of Moon?

What is the orbital velocity of Moon?

Orbital parameters (for orbit about the Earth)

Apogee (106 km)* 0.4055
Revolution period (days) 27.3217
Synodic period (days) 29.53
Mean orbital velocity (km/s) 1.022

What is the Moon’s orbital radius?

Radius of the moon: 1.7 x 106 m. Orbital radius of the Moon around the Earth: 3.48 x 108 m.

What factors affect the orbit of the Moon?

As the Moon slows down Earth’s rotation, the Earth pulls the Moon forward. This increases the energy in the Moon’s orbit, forcing the Moon to move farther out to a slightly more distant orbit. Thus, the Moon gets further away about 11⁄2 inches per year. Moon’s orbit and its rotation are also affected by the tides.

What is the orbital shape of the Moon?

elliptical orbit
4.1 Introduction. The Moon revolves around Earth in an elliptical orbit with a mean eccentricity of 0.0549.

What can you do with mean orbital parameters?

WARNING: These mean orbital parameters are not intended for ephemeris computation. Accurate ephemerides should be obtained from our HORIZONSsystem. Mean orbital parameters are primarily useful in describing the general shape and orientation of a planetary satellite’s orbit.

How is the orientation of the Moon’s orbit determined?

Orbital inclination —the Moon’s orbit is inclined by 5.14° to the ecliptic. The orientation of the orbit is not fixed in space but rotates over time. This orbital precession is also called apsidal precession and is the rotation of the Moon’s orbit within the orbital plane, i.e. the axes of the ellipse change direction.

What is the moon’s orbital period with respect to perigee?

The Moon’s orbital period with respect to perigee is the anomalistic month and has a duration of approximately 27.55 days. The lock-step rhythm between the lunation length and true anomaly can be explained with the help of the anomalistic month and Figure 4-2. It illustrates the Moon’s orbit around Earth and Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

How many parameters does a satellite orbit have?

A satellite orbit is always in a plane around the heaviest body. The plane contains this body’s center. In this article, we will discuss the six classical orbital elements. This system has six degrees of freedom. We need six parameters to describe the orbit.

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