What is 2A category in Karnataka?

What is 2A category in Karnataka?

“Category 2A has 102 communities, all of which are traditionally landless artisan communities. Categories 3A and 3B include landowning agricultural communities, including Panchamasalis,” pointed out the former chairman of the commission C.S. Dwarakanath.

Where do Kurumas and Kurubas belong to?

Kurumas and Kurubas are a pastoral tribe who lives on the southern part of India. Their main occupation is shepherding and farming. Kurumas and Kurubas belong to states : Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.

Which category is vokkaliga?

Karnataka Caste Wise Report

S.No State Caste Name Caste Category Name
1 Vokkaliga(Sl.No-1-(a)) Cat-IIIA
2 Vakkaliga(Sl.No-1-(b)) Cat-IIIA
3 SarpaVokkaliga(Sl.No-1-(c)) Cat-IIIA
4 HallikarVokkaliga(Sl.No-1-(d)) Cat-IIIA

What is category 2A?

The category 2A is meant for occupational castes like Kumbara, Ediga and Kuruba. Already there are 102 occupational sub-castes under this category, the Government is unnecessarily creating problem by including sub-castes of Veerashiva community though they are not based on any occupation, Federation members said.

Is kuruba low caste?

In Karnataka, the Kurubas are classified as Other Backward Class in the Indian system of reservation and are generally seen as social equals to the Vokkaligas and Reddis. However, the community has been seeking to be reclassified as a Scheduled Tribe.

Who are the Kuruba people in South India?

Many dynasties in South India from the Pallavas to Yadurayas were originally members of pastoralist, cowherd groups and belonged to Kuruba lineages. The only Community which has more than 100 sub-groups called Kula. The Kuruba Gowda community has several sub-groups within its fold.

Which is the third largest caste group in Karnataka?

They are the third-largest caste group in Karnataka. Traditionally, they were shepherds, militiamen from the hills, armed vassals, or postmen. They practiced sheep/goat and cattle pastoralism, in that they either herded exclusively sheep, or a mixed herd of sheep and goats, or cattle.

What kind of tribe are the Kurubas of Kodagu?

The Kurubas of Kodagu district are classified as a Scheduled Tribe. Since the community is more dispersed, the Kurubas have been called a non-dominant minority community.

Who are the gods and goddesses of Kurubas?

Mailara, Mallanna, Mallikarjuna, Vitthal (in his original Shiva form) and Beerappa, who all are forms of Shiva, and Yellamma are some of the important gods of Kurubas. They consider Vitthal and Beerappa as brothers, however, Beerappa has traditionally been their exclusive deity.

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