What did Pitt Rivers discover?

What did Pitt Rivers discover?

From 1851, Pitt Rivers was occupied in research on the replacement of muskets by rifles, and this led to his interest in the development of firearms. He is known to have recovered some flint tools at Acton in 1869, which may have led him to extend his interest to all kinds of artefacts.

What did General Pitt Rivers excavate?

An army officer for most of his life, Pitt-Rivers retired from the military in 1882 and in the following year embarked on a series of excavations of prehistoric, Roman, and Saxon sites on his 29,000-acre estate in Wiltshire.

When was the Pitt Rivers Museum founded?

Pitt Rivers Museum/Founded

The Museum was founded in 1884, when General Pitt-Rivers, an influential figure in the development of archaeology and evolutionary anthropology, gave his collection to the University of Oxford.

Who founded the Pitt Rivers Museum?

Augustus Pitt Rivers
Pitt Rivers Museum/Founders

Is William Fox Pitt still competing?

William Speed Lane Fox-Pitt MBE (born 2 January 1969) is an English equestrian who competes in eventing. A serious fall in 2015 left him in a coma for two weeks, but he came back to make the British eventing team and attend the 2016 Summer Olympics. …

How old is Pitt Rivers Museum?

137c. 1884
Pitt Rivers Museum/Age

Where is William Fox-Pitt based?

In 2003 William and his wife, Channel 4 Racing presenter Alice Plunkett, began the development of a 28 stable state of the art training centre in Hinton St Mary, Dorset. In 2005 everything was complete and Wood Lane Stables has been home to Fox-Pitt Eventing ever since.

Is William Fox-Pitt going to Tokyo?

Pippa Funnell (Majas Hope) has been removed from the nominated entries and Ben Hobday (Shadow Man) has been removed from the reserve list. William Fox-Pitt and Little Fire, recent winners of the CCI4*-S at Houghton Horse Trials, have been added to the nominated entries.

What type of Museum is Pitt Rivers?

University museum of archaeology and anthropology
Pitt Rivers Museum

Pitt Rivers Museum interior, 2015
Pitt Rivers Museum
Coordinates 51.7586°N 1.2550°WCoordinates:51.7586°N 1.2550°W
Type University museum of archaeology and anthropology
Visitors 468,013 (2019)

Where can I see the archaeology of Pitt Rivers?

Only very small numbers of finds and models from Pitt-Rivers’ archaeological investigations can be found in the Pitt Rivers Museum, more can be viewed at the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum as can the majority of the surviving models of his archaeological sites and some ancient monuments and Celtic crosses.

Where was General Pitt Rivers born and raised?

As this is an account of his life, the various surnames he was known by are rendered chronologically. References are also taken from the Pitt-Rivers papers in Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum [S&SWM]. Augustus Henry Lane Fox was born in early April 1827 at Hope Hall, near Wetherby, Yorkshire.

How did the Pitt Rivers Museum get its name?

The museum was founded in 1884 when the university accepted the gift of more than 20,000 artifacts from Pitt Rivers, and awarded him the Doctorate of Civil Law in 1886. He was later named a Fellow of the Royal Society. The collections continue to grow, and the museum has been described as one of the “six great ethnological museums of the world”.

How long did it take to dig up the Pitt Rivers?

The record of an excavation takes about five times as long as the actual digging’.’ [Pitt Rivers, Excavations at Cranborne Chase, vol iv 27]

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