Who is Jet Airways partners with?

Who is Jet Airways partners with?

JPMiles airline partners Well, 25 if you consider that Jet Airways has suspended operations. These include Air France, Delta, Etihad Airways, Fiji Airways, Jetstar, KLM, Korean Air, South African Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and more.

How do I know if my flight is codeshare?

How do you know if a flight is a codeshare? Airlines are legally mandated to clearly state when a flight is operated as a codeshare. You should see this in the booking process, usually under the flight number with the words “operated by,” displaying the operating airline’s name.

Which airline is 9W?

Jet Airways
Jet Airways (9W) Flight Information

Service Description
Confirmation of flight number The flight number of Jet Airways (9W) is printed on the boarding pass. Indications on the guideboard in the airport are given with both NH flight number and 9W flight number or only with 9W flight number.

Why Jet Airways is banned?

On 17 April, the airline suspended all flight operations, due to lenders rejecting Rs 4 billion of emergency funding and its membership in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was suspended.

Who is the partner airline on a codeshare flight?

With a codeshare flight, the operating carrier is the airline that flies the plane, and the marketing carrier is the partner airline that sells seats on the operating carrier’s flights.

Where do I find the codeshare number for Air Canada?

The number refers to an ‘Operated by’ note which appears at the bottom of the page and indicates which carrier is operating the flight. This image highlights the way in which you can identify a codeshare flight during the flight selection process.

Who are the code share partners for Qatar Airways?

In addition to our codeshare partners, we also have Interline partners offering you seamless connectivity and through-baggage check-in.

Can You book a codeshare flight with American Airlines?

Baggage policies differ between airlines and other charges may apply; check with the airline operating your flight for baggage information You can book and change codeshare flights on aa.com Who’s operating my flight?

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