Can you park at Indooroopilly?

Can you park at Indooroopilly?

How many hours can I park free? Customers are able to park for FREE for up to 8 hours when they spend $200 or more at participating retailers in any one visit at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. Simply present your receipts at the Customer Service Centre on Level 2 during shopping hours.

Does Bowen Hills station have parking?

About Bowen Hills Bowen Hills Station is one of Queensland’s busiest railway stations, but if you’re driving to Bowen Hills, there are a few options. For free parking, you can park at shopping hub Homemaker The Valley free for up to 3 hours. There’s also commercial parking.

Is there free parking at Southbank?

Free parking in South Bank is only possible out of hours and out of the controlled parking district. To get free parking in or around South Bank, use street parking in South Brisbane OUTSIDE the controlled parking area as set by the Brisbane City Council.

Where is the event cinema in Indooroopilly located?

If you enter after 5.00pm it’s free. Find out more about an exclusive movie event with your own private cinema! Event Cinemas Indooroopilly is located in the heart of Indooroopilly features Gold Class, Vmax and traditional cinemas. We have ample parking in the shopping centre and is close to public transport (both bus and train).

Is there free parking at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre?

The Indooroopilly Shopping Centre parking has a designated area for its staff at the upper levels where they pay a flat rate of $3 for limited slots. Retailers and staff members cannot avail of the free parking options and other parking promos in the shopping centre.

Where is the ticket box at Indooroopilly train station?

Our ticketbox opens 15 minutes prior to the first movie session. Indooroopilly Train Station is located at the end of Station Road about 200 metres walk to the shopping centre. Free parking for the first 3 hours and an additional 4th hour when you scan your ticket at the pay station.

Is the Hobbit at the Indooroopilly cinema?

Assigned seating was nice due to a full house for The Hobbit. There are several other cheaper cinemas closeby. The theatre is great, but sadly if you’re driving, you have to deal with the complete shamozzal that is the Indooroopilly carpark.

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