How much nitrogen do I need for 300 bushel of corn?

How much nitrogen do I need for 300 bushel of corn?

From the Ag PhD Fertilizer Removal App, here is what 300-bushel corn requires: Nitrogen – 336 pounds – this can come from what’s already in the soil, what mineralizes from organic matter (if we have 4% O.M. we figure about 80 to 100 pounds), and what we apply. Phosphate – 153 pounds.

How much nitrogen do I need for 250 bushel of corn?

Corn plants use large quantities of nitrogen to grow and yield. Corn removes 1 pound of nitrogen for every bushel of grain produced, so a 250 bushel per acre yield goal requires 250 pounds of nitrogen available to be used by your growing corn plants.

How much nitrogen does it take to grow 200 bushel corn?

200-bushel corn, in total, needs 224 pounds of nitrogen.

How much nitrogen does a corn plant need?

An estimate of N requirements for corn is 1 lb of N is needed for every bushel of grain produced, so a 200 bu corn crop would require 200 lb of N.

How many pounds of nitrogen per acre are needed for corn?

So if you look at nitrogen, it’s pretty straight-forward. “For 150 bushels, we recommend 180 pounds of nitrogen per acre. For 200 bushels, you go up to 240 pounds, and for 250 bushels, go to 300 pounds. For 300 bushels per acre, we recommend more than 360 pounds of nitrogen per acre,” he says.

How often do you put nitrogen on corn?

Nitrogen may be applied by growers at several times during the year: in the fall, early spring (preplant), at planting, and in-season (sidedress). Figure 2. Severe nitrogen deficiency symptoms are evident in this field that remained saturated due to excessive rainfall.

How much fertilizer do I need for 1 acre of corn?

For corn, if the fertility level is good, a small amount of fertilizer (about 100 pounds of starter per acre) will provide an adequate starter response. Do not apply more than 70 pounds of N + K2O per acre if the fertilizer is placed approximately 2 inches away from the seed.

How late can you put nitrogen on corn?

Ideally the N should be applied just prior to this period of high N demand. For most corn hybrids N uptake is complete shortly after pollination. So, most of the N should be applied prior to the 10 leaf stage, with any supplemental applications complete by or shortly after tasseling.

How many pounds of nitrogen per acre for corn?

The equation was: N recommendation (pounds per acre) = -27 + [1.36 x yield potential (bushels per acre)] – N credit. Nitrogen credits of 30 pounds of N per acre for corn following soybeans and 0 pounds of N per acre for corn after corn are the most recognized and utilized credits.

How much N to apply on 180-bushel corn?

As yields go up from 200 to 250 and now even 300 bushels per acre, it takes more N per acre and we have to be smarter on how we manage that investment. So, how much N to apply on 180-bushel corn?

What makes corn yield 300 bushels per acre?

Putting the corn in narrower strips increases the photosynthesis. Nichols started the corn-soy strips three years ago. “The yields were 286 and 291 (bushels per acre), which was 100 bushels better than I’d ever harvested before,” he says.

What should yield be per bushel of nitrogen?

We see rates of 0.9 to 1.0 pound per bushel and some farmers are even pushing it to 0.7 to 0.8 pound per bushel yield goal. In general I believe the 1 pound per bushel expected yield works quite well, but we need to take the right credits and apply that N smartly to protect it from losses.

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