How many Fast Eddies locations are there?

How many Fast Eddies locations are there?

We are proud to operate Fast Eddies in 8 locations in Canada. On September 27, 1987, Fast Eddie’s® was co-founded by Ted and Mike Gorski in the city of Brantford Ontario, at the municipal address of 9 Stanley Street.

Why did Fast Eddies close?

A downtown Evansville restaurant and bar has shutdown and laid off its employees. The sign on the door to Fast Eddy’s reads, “Closed for renovations, under new ownership” and the property owners say the concept simply wasn’t working anymore and now it’s time to close the doors on Fast Eddy’s for good.

How much does it cost to go to Fast Eddies?

Fast Eddie’s Prices

Item Price
Deluxe Exterior $15.95
Full Service $17.95
Super $22.95
Ultimate $27.95

Can you call Fast Eddie’s?

Use the contact form below to email us or give us call at (765) 448-9130!

How much are fast eddies crazy fries?

Fast Eddie’s Menu Prices (CA) (684 Hespeler Road, Cambridge)

Item Price
Classic Crazy Fries Fries covered in chili and cheese sauce. $4.49
Party-Sized Classic Crazy Fries (Crazy Fries) A much larger crazy fries, for you and your friends or maybe just you. $9.99
Party-Sized Plain Fries A giant portion of fresh fries. $8.99

Who owns Fast Eddie’s Bon Air?

Eddie Sholar Sr.
ALTON, IL (KTVI) – Eddie Sholar Sr., the owner of Fast Eddie’s Bon Air, died Wednesday morning as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Fox 2 News has learned. He was 61. Sholar purchased the popular beer and burger restaurant from the Balaco family in 1981, when it was known just as “Bon Air.”

Does Fast Eddie’s take credit cards?

7 answers. Yes, they only take cash….. no debit or credit.

What are fast eddies crazy fries?

Classic Crazy Fries Fries covered in chili and cheese sauce.

How Old Is Fast Eddie’s?

Fast Eddie’s was founded as an Anheuser-Busch tavern in 1921, which the brewery sold to the Balasco family in 1931. Fifty years later, Sholar purchased the nightspot.

How many locations of fast eddies in Michigan?

Each of our 16 Michigan locations offers a combination of car wash, detailing, oil change and preventative maintenance services. We strive to provide you an amazing car wash experience, every time.

When is Fast Eddie’s car wash in Michigan closed?

Fast Eddie’s is the leader in custom, convenient car wash and detailing services. We have been providing Michigan customers professional-quality car washes at budget-friendly prices for over 40 years. Visit one of our 16 locations today to learn more. All 16 Oil Change Locations are OPEN. The Car Washes are closed until April 14.

Where is fast eddies pit beef in Maryland?

For information call: 410-456-5539. Fast Eddie’s Pit Beef and Catering With Locations in Maryland Since 1996. For information call: 410-456-5539. Fast Eddies Catering call Fast Eddies for all your Catering Needs. Welcome to Fast Eddie’s Pit Beef More information.

Is there a drive thru at Fast Eddy’s?

When you need a cold soda or hot coffee for the drive ahead, our retail store has you covered, including drive-thru service. At Fast Eddy’s, we keep everything convenient to ensure your visit to our location is worthwhile.

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