What happened Omi singer?

What happened Omi singer?

He is currently signed to Ultra Music, a part of Sony Music, and released his debut album Me 4 U on 16 October 2015.

Who made cheerleader song?

Clifton DillonSly DunbarRyan DillonMark Bradford

“Cheerleader” is a song recorded by Jamaican singer Omi. The track was written and produced by OMI and Clifton Dillon, Mark Bradford, and Ryan Dillon. OMI first began developing the song in 2008, when he created its melody.

Where does Omi come from?

May Pen, Jamaica
Omi/Place of birth

What Omi means?

Omi (Japanese: 臣) is a hereditary noble title (kabane) of ancient Japan. Along with Muraji, Omi was reserved for the head of the most powerful clans during the Kofun period. When the Yamato court was established, the most influential families bearing these two titles were given the title Ōomi and Ōmuraji, respectively.

What does OMI stand for?


Acronym Definition
OMI Office of the Medical Investigator (New Mexico)
OMI Oregon Mutual Insurance
OMI Operations Management International, Inc.
OMI Open Model Interface

Is OMI a Japanese name?

Omi (also spelt Ōmi) is a feminine Japanese given name.

Who is the Jamaican singer known as Omi?

Omar Samuel Pasley, better known as OMI (b. September 3, 1986, Clarendon) is a Jamaican singer, who has seen his dream of being famous become true by being incredibly patient.

When did the song Cheerleader by Omi come out?

The original version of Jamaican reggae/soul artist OMI’s “Cheerleader” about a girl so supportive she acts as his personal cheerleder was released in 2012 to moderate success in Jamaica and Hawaii. The 2014 remix by German producer Felix Jaehn catapulted it into the mainstream, where it peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top 100.

Do You Think I’m pretty by Omi cheerleader?

Do you think I’m pretty? Do I make you feel like cheating? Thanks to kylie pyriots, Jamie, sonia, Alexis, shadyfan for correcting these lyrics.

Who was the original singer of OMI Hula Hoop?

Thanks to dharmendra, Pierre Iangelo Ysmael, Harleen Dhunda, Karl, Andika for correcting these lyrics.

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