What is Roc-lon fabric?

What is Roc-lon fabric?

The Roc-lon® brand is the most recognized – and most requested – drapery lining and blackout fabric in the world. It is the only manufacturer of blackout in the USA. Rockland produces the world’s safest, best quality, 100% blackout fabrics.

Where can I buy Roc-lon lining?

Roc-lon® products can be found in a multitude of fabric and retail chains nationwide (brick + mortar and online), including:

  • Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.
  • Joann.com.
  • Amazon.
  • Fabric.com.
  • Hobby Lobby.
  • Overstock.
  • Walmart Stores.
  • Walmart.com.

Where is Roc-lon fabric made?

Bamberg, South Carolina
Manufacturing facilities are in Bamberg, South Carolina.

Is Rockland Industries still in business?

Baltimore – The bank has been repaid and now Rockland Industries is moving into the next stage of its reorganization. Forced last year by its bank to reduce operations, the textile manufacturer of Roc-Lon brand fabrics is proud to have come out on the other side without filing bankruptcy, said CEO Mark Berman.

What does 3 pass curtain lining mean?

A three pass lining means that a layer of white foam is applied to the back of the curtain fabric, then a black one, followed by another layer of white. The white layers mean that the black colour doesn’t disrupt the decorative finish of the fabric while the black layer blocks light and retains heat.

What is the best blackout fabric?

Heavy microfiber is an excellent fabric to use for blackout curtains, mainly if a triple-weave technology is used. It can cut out light up to 90%. This blackout curtain can also balance the temperature of the room using its insulating features. Polyester is a good fabric for blackout curtains.

What is 3 pass blackout lining?

What is drapery lining?

Water repellent and resistant drapery lining is designed to protect the face fabric from water stains caused by rain, moisture, and condensation. Insulating drapery lining helps to regulate temperature and somewhat dampens sound.

What happened Rockland Textiles?

Rockland Textiles as you know it will close its doors for good at 5:30 pm on August 31, 2017. Stop in to take advantage of our gigantic moving specials before then (all drapery & upholstery fabric a minimum of 50% off!). We thank you for your years of patronage and hope to see you at our new shop!

Which curtain lining is best?

What is the best fabric for lining curtains?

  • Cotton. Cotton is the most famous curtain lining.
  • Polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is strong and does not wrinkle easily.
  • Polycotton. Polycotton lining is made up of polyester and cotton.
  • Polycotton Sateen Twill.

What is the best fabric to line curtains?

If you’re lining curtains to hang in the home, you should look for liner material made from 100 percent cotton, polyester, or a combination of the two. Curtain liners designed for use in the home are created to repel water, resist stains, provide insulation and prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the home.

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