Where did hit the Quan come from?

Where did hit the Quan come from?

The song was created in tribute to Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan and his music video for “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh).” Rich Homie Quan popularized a series of gyrating, low-stepping, arm-swinging dance movements in the video and in live performances—what iHeartMemphis refers to as the Quan.

How old is the boy who made hit the Quan?

The 22-year-old Tennessee native, whose real name is Richard Colbert, struck gold this year when short videos featuring all variety of folks dancing to his single “Hit the Quan”—an instructional-style dance song about Rich Homie Quan’s trademark move—multiplied across social networks like Instagram and Vine.

How old is iHeartMemphis?

28 years (January 25, 1993)

What is the meaning of hit the Quan?

The phrase hit the quan essentially means “do the same dance moves as Rich Homie Quan.” The expression hit the quan reached peak popularity in fall 2015. And, it continues to appear on social-media feeds as another example of on-trend phrases inspired by popular dance moves (e.g., watch me whip). Examples of Hit the Quan

Where did the song hit the Quan come from?

About “Hit The Quan”. “Hit The Quan” is another song to first blow up on Vine and get even bigger. iHeart Memphis teaches us how to do the latest dance, the “Quan,” first originated by Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan.

When was hit the Quan by Rich Homie Quan released?

This song is based around a dance that was first made popular by American rapper Rich Homie Quan. It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. Hit the Quan was a dance that was originally performed by Rich Homie Quan in his video for the song ” Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh) ” which was released in April 2015.

When did hit the Quan by iLoveMemphis come out?

The dance Rich Homie Quan did in the video soon became a hit with numerous vines being produced portraying the dance. At that time, most people referred to the dance routine as simply the “Rich Homie Quan” dance. In July 2015, 3 months following the release of the song, iLoveMemphis released a song titled “Hit The Quan” which then became popular.

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