Is subramaniapuram hit or flop?

Is subramaniapuram hit or flop?

subramaniapuram budget and box office collection. Bollywood Box Office Collection 2020 with Budget and Box Office Verdict Hit Ya Flop in India.

Is subramaniapuram real?

Subramaniapuram is a village in Tenkasi taluk, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu state, India and comes under Kuthukkal Valasai Panchayat. This is an old village which has been named after Subramaniya Karayallar who gave his own land to the people in early days.

What is the story of subramaniapuram?

Two friends kill for profit, then one betrays the other by leaving him at the mercy of rivals; years later when released from prison, the traitor is stabbed and slowly killed in the hospital by his former ally.
Subramaniapuram/Film synopsis

Who is the director of subramaniapuram?

M. Sasikumar

Which is the best review of Subramaniapuram movie?

Subramanyapuram begins well in a familiar fashion, and the director is successful in establishing all the primary characters and central problem. The first few murders with the eerie background help in generating a few tense moments. But that tone is immediately abandoned, and we get into a regular comedy zone through various characters.

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When is the Premier of Subramaniapuram in the US?

Subrahmanyapuram US Premier Live updates will begin at 6 pm EST (4.30 AM IST). In a few months from now, Sumanth will complete 20 years in the Telugu film industry. The best phase for the actor would be the earlier half of the last decade. Post that, and especially in the last decade he has been struggling and taking long breaks.

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