Who are the members of Megan and Liz?

Who are the members of Megan and Liz?

Megan and Liz (commonly stylized as Megan & Liz) are an American pop duo composed of fraternal twin sisters, Megan and Liz Mace, from Edwardsburg, Michigan. They are both songwriters, and Megan is their guitarist. As of July 2018, they have 1,051,944 subscribers and over 238 million video views on their YouTube channel.

How old are Megan mace and Liz Mace?

Megan McKinley Mace and Elizabeth Morgan Mace were born on November 21, 1992, in South Bend, Indiana to Randall Mace and Mary Miars. They grew up in Edwardsburg, Michigan. Megan is the elder sister by one minute.

When did Megan and Liz’s fourth EP Come Out?

Megan & Liz’s fourth EP, This Time, was released on February 28, 2012. It was sold in physical form for a limited time in F.y.e. stores nationwide. This EP contains seven original songs, six of which had previously been released as singles.

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When did Megan and Liz release their second song?

Megan and Liz have appeared on June 26, 2011, and August 20, 2011, performances and play both covers and original songs for further shows. In the August 20 show, they performed a duet with “Need Your Poison” co-writers Memphis High. Their second music video, “Rest of You”, was released on June 17, 2011.

When did Megan and Liz release Here I Go?

In the beginning of August 2011, Megan & Liz debuted their new single, “Here I Go”, on Celebuzz!. The song was co-written by the girls and Paula Winger. In late August 2011, the twins released their next original song, “Run Away”, along with a corresponding music video. The girls co-wrote the song with Alexz Johnson and Jimmy Robbins.

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