What can you eat on Day 7 of GM diet?

What can you eat on Day 7 of GM diet?

Some of the recommended vegetables are cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and onions. 5. When following GM diet, one should include watermelon, melons of all kinds, oranges, cantaloupes, apples, and berries. banana, litchi, and mangoes in your diet plan.

Does GM diet reduce belly fat?

Promoters of the GM diet claims that this eating plan promotes quick weight loss and helps burn fat faster than any other diets. This article also looks at how this diet helps in losing weight and burning the stored fat.

Can I do GM diet for a month?

GM diet is not recommended more than once in a month. Hence, it’s pointless to go on this diet.

How does the 7 day GM Diet Plan work?

7 Day GM Diet Plan. The GM Diet Plan is focused on ensuring the consumption of complex carbs, along with low-calorie foods. This combined with an increased water intake can result in a significant weight loss in the span of a week. The idea is to limit one’s weekly diet to just fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and chicken.

What to do on Day 2 of GM Diet?

The 2nd day GM diet routine will give your more energy and you can also perform strenuous activities and HIIT exercises if you wanted to. Let us now see the list of vegetables you can eat on the day 2 of GM diet plan.

What are the rules for the GM Diet?

The GM diet is divided into seven days, with different rules that apply to each day. It recommends that you drink 8–12 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated throughout the diet. Although exercise is not required for weight loss on this diet, it is optional. However, the diet recommends against exercise during the first three days.

What to eat on the last day of the 7 day diet?

Ideally, one must avoid all fruits along with potatoes and sweet potatoes. On the sixth day, the weight loss with now be visible. On the last day of the 7-day plan, one would need a cup of brown rice, an assortment of vegetables and fruit juice. One can eat a cup of brown rice along with a bowl of boiled vegetables for lunch.

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