Is OpenOffice compatible with Office?

Is OpenOffice compatible with Office?

Although Apache OpenOffice can open Microsoft Office files. The reverse is not always true. Microsoft Office has various degrees of support for ODF, starting in Office 2007, but earlier versions: MSO ’97, Office XP etc, are not able to open, read or write ODF documents.

Can you do VBA in OpenOffice?

OpenOffice can run Microsoft VBA code natively, though there are some APIs of VBA that are not supported, or are only partially supported. Now we can import MS Excel 2003 and MS Excel 2007(xlsm/xlsb) with no modification, it includes: Import VBA code in Modules, Dialog and Class Modules.

Can I trust OpenOffice?

The safest rule is you should never open any OpenOffice file unless you are sure where it has come from and trust the sender. Note that it is very easy to falsify an email address – if you have any doubt, do not open the document until you have proved its identity. If you need to exchange documents regularly.

Are OpenOffice files compatible with Microsoft Word?

Open Office has excellent compatibility with Office formats and can export to PDF from all three apps. By default, Open Office uses the Open Document standard for native files, but you can change it to save to Microsoft formats, and it can read and write existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

What is the advantage of using macro in Open Office Calc?

Macros written for MS Word for instance cannot be executed via; you’ll need to re-write them. This has its benefits – it makes AOo documents less virus prone. 3 Calc can execute many Excel macros, but (for security reasons) you must manually enable this feature.

What are the advantages of using OpenOffice over MS Office?

Here are some of the advantages of over other office suites:

  • No licensing fees. OOo is free for anyone to use and distribute at no cost.
  • Open source.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Extensive language support.
  • Consistent user interface.
  • Integration.
  • Granularity.
  • File compatibility.

Is there a user guide for

 Graphics are, for the most part, those using the older style icons rather than the newer Crystal graphics, which are currently only in the en_US and de_DE releases of 2.0.x.  Some are also from the 1.1.x user guide where they are similar to existing ones.

How to open a dialogue in open office?

For example, by using the File > Open dialogue, the Open icon on the Standard toolbar or the File > New menu. NOTE: Under Windows®, a system dialogue is automatically displayed when opening and saving documents. Choose Tools > Options > > General and check Use dialogues.

Where is the help button in

In addition, use of the Help facility is also covered. Through Help, users can get detailed answers to all questions at any time by pressing (F1), opening the Help menu or clicking the Help buttons. More information on using Help can be found in Chapter 1, “Working with”.

Which is the latest version of

 It is focused on 2.x releases, but it should also be useful with 1.9 and 1.1.x releases.  Graphics are, for the most part, those using the older style icons rather than the newer Crystal graphics, which are currently only in the en_US and de_DE releases of 2.0.x.

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