What true life role has Tracie Bennett played in several different stage and screen productions?

What true life role has Tracie Bennett played in several different stage and screen productions?

In February 2010, Tracie Bennett took on the part of Judy Garland in the first London production of Peter Quilter’s play, End of the Rainbow. Among others, she wowed talkshow host Paul O’Grady, who said he’d “never seen anything like it”.

Is Tracie Bennett coming back to Coronation Street?

CORONATION Street star Tracie Bennett has hinted she will be back for more in the soap after Sharon Bentley fled the cobbles. The evil schemer was seen driving away on Tuesday night after her henchman Robbie was caught after trying to murder Gary Windass.

Who played Rita’s daughter in Coronation Street?

Tracie Bennett
It’s always exciting when an old soap favourite makes a comeback – but especially when it’s an actress as successful as Tracie Bennett. The 59-year-old Mancunian made her Coronation Street debut as Sharon Bentley – Rita Tanner’s foster daughter – in 1982.

What school did Tracie Bennett attend?

Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Ltd
Tracie Bennett/Education

What age is Tracie Bennett?

60 years (June 17, 1961)
Tracie Bennett/Age

Where is Tracie Bennett from?

Leigh, United Kingdom
Tracie Bennett/Place of birth

What Programmes is Tracie Bennett in?


  • Coronation Street (soap opera) – Sharon Gaskell (201 episodes, 1982–1984, 1999, 2021)
  • The Bay – Margaret Foley (6 episodes, 2019)
  • New Tricks – Angela Gold (1 episode, 2013)
  • Scott & Bailey – Sharon (4 episodes, 2013)
  • Doctors – Jean Hobbs / Julie Bolton (2 episodes, 2005–2007)

Does Rita wear a wig in Coronation Street?

Bet has always worn wigs and hair pieces but when this current showing of Classic Corrie started Rita did have her own hair (1984?) Rita tells Len she doesn’t want to go back to Harry – she wants him. She had the lump removed, and is currently seen on screen wearing a wig following her real-life chemotherapy.

What true life role has Tracie Bennett played?

Tracie Bennett (born 17 June 1961) is an English stage and television actress. She trained at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in Clapham, London. She played the role of Sharon Gaskell in Coronation Street from 1982 to 1984, returning to the role in 1999 and again in 2021.

How tall is Tracie Bennett?

1.57 m
Tracie Bennett/Height

Why did Gary Mallett wear a wig?

But Ian will wear a wig on screen to play Gary Mallett in the soap. The 35-year-old actor said proudly: “I shaved off the hair myself to disguise the fact it was falling out anyway.” Ian was fitted for the wig before he went to work with the shaver. “Ian has been fitted with a wig for recording his scenes.

Why does Diane in Emmerdale wear a wig?

” the actress joked. “I had to have a wig really because I’ve got very, very, very thick, coarse, frizzy hair and I can’t do it myself. Bernice is a hairdresser, so obviously she is not going to be seen looking anything less than having a coiffed look.”

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