Who owns Sonik?

Who owns Sonik?

Ian McCormack
Founded in 2008 by Ian McCormack, who had previously spent 10 years as Commercial Director for Hardy & Greys Limited prior to their acquisition by Pure Fishing, Sonik was created as a company of anglers with a passion for developing great tackle that makes the whole experience of going fishing more productive and …

Are Sonik fly rods any good?

The Sonik SK4 fly rod looks excellent, the golden olive gloss blanks are true quality blanks and have superb action, medium fast tip actions. The line flies neatly and quietly through the rings and felt excellent. My first fish felt superb with the strong backbone and light weight.

Who makes Sonicrods?

Sonik Sports
Conceived in 2008, Sonik Sports is one of the newer brands on the fishing market. Despite it only being in business for a decade, Sonik has achieved a lot in these short years as it is already one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of carp fishing tackle.

Where are Sonik fishing reels made?

The Penn and Akios FS reels both come from the same Taiwanese factory. There is also a host of other lesser names that have their badges put on things manufactured anywhere that labour is cheap.

Who owns Wychwood fishing?

Leeda is a well-established distributor of fishing tackle and owns the Wychwood, MAP and Leeda brands.

What is Sonik?

1 : utilizing, produced by, or relating to sound waves sonic altimeter broadly : of or involving sound sonic pollution. 2 : having a frequency within the audibility range of the human ear —used of waves and vibrations.

Where are Akios reels made?

the UK
Akios Reels Review Akios is new and forward thinking company based in the UK. It has been developed with some key values and goals to succeed in the global market place where anglers demand new, innovative and durable fishing tackle.

Does leeda own Wychwood?

Based in Redditch, Leeda is the UK’s largest distributor of fishing tackle, owning the world famous brands of Wychwood, MAP and their own brand Leeda.

What is Wychwood?

Wychwood is derived from an Old English name Huiccewudu meaning ‘wood of a tribe called the Hwicce. The Hwicce were the Anglo-Saxon people living in the area from some time in the 6th century until the assimilation of the Old English peoples into the wider Middle English society.

Who makes leeda rods?

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