What is the Lindau Gospels cover?

What is the Lindau Gospels cover?

Crucifixion and Mourning Figures
The Lindau Gospels is held within a beautiful jewel encrusted and gold covering called ‘Crucifixion and Mourning Figures’. Many colored gemstones as well as pearls of different sizes create a border around the cover as well as create a cruciform shape surrounding Jesus Christ on the cross.

Who created the Lindau Gospels?

The text may well be the Gospel book commissioned by Hartmut, Abbot of St Gall between 872-883, which is a plausible date for the text. It is recorded that this book was “decorated with gold and silver and precious stones”.

What differentiates the depiction of Jesus on the Gero crucifix cover from the depiction of Jesus on the Lindau gospel book cover?

Terms in this set (5) The Lindau Gospels book cover presents the Early Christian representation of Christ as a youthful figure. The Gero Crucifix uses the Byzantine formula of a matured bearded Christ figure, showing the drama and blood of the event.

Who made the EBBO Gospels?

Archbishop of Rheims
816-35) are most famous for their distinctive style in contrast to contemporary Carolingian illuminated manuscripts. The Ebbo Gospels were made for Ebbo the Archbishop of Rheims, which was one of the major sites for manuscript production at the time.

Where are the Lindisfarne Gospels?

the British Library
The Lindisfarne Gospels is now part of the collection of Sir Robert Cotton, (d. 1631), in the British Library in London, where it is seen by visitors from all over the world.

What is an important point about the Gero crucifix?

The shape of the Gero Cross is traditional to Carolingian religious art. However, this piece puts extra emphasis on the suffering of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, with the slumped head, lifeless body, and closed eyes. Other depictions are idealized and do not show Christ as vulnerable and disfigured.

Which term refers to patterns that recall fields of flowers?

which term refers to patterns that recall fields of flowers? millefiori. how does the Book of Kells illustrate the persistence of stylistic aspects of “barbarian” metalworking traditions in the early Christian art of the British Isles? abstract interlace patterns persist. which culture is known for its animal style art …

What language is the Lindisfarne Gospels?

Old English
The Lindisfarne Gospels has long been acclaimed as the most spectacular manuscript to survive from Anglo-Saxon England….Further Reading.

Full title: The Lindisfarne Gospels
Language: Old English, Latin

What do the Lindisfarne Gospels say?

Commission. The Lindisfarne Gospels is a Christian manuscript, containing the four gospels recounting the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The manuscript was used for ceremonial purposes to promote and celebrate the Christian religion and the word of God.

What style is the Gero Crucifix?

Probably commissioned by Archbishop Gero around 970 to stand above an altar dedicated to the Crucifixion, the Gero Cross is now set in a Baroque frame and situated north of the high altar. Carved in oak then painted and gilded, the life-size sculpture renders the dead Christ with striking naturalism.

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