Why is the Aerostar so fast?

Why is the Aerostar so fast?

Smith conceived the Aerostar with the same engines he used on his Shrike Commander, the 290 hp Lycoming IO-540s. In keeping with its reputation, that makes the piston-powered Aerostar faster than some turboprops.

How fast is the Piper Aerostar?

492 km/h
Piper Aerostar/Top speed

How much does an Aerostar plane cost?

Speer estimates the list price of a completely new, domestically produced Aerostar jet would be $2.5 million. The next closest competitor price is $3 million for a smaller jet, he says. Most jets in the class range Aerostar is aiming for cost $4 million to $5 million, he says.

What is the fastest piston twin engine aircraft?

Top 10 Fastest Twin Turboprop Planes

  1. Piaggio P.180 Avanti Evo (462 mph)
  2. Piper Cheyenne III 400 LS (414 mph)
  3. Bombardier DHC-8 Q400 (414 mph)
  4. Beechcraft Starship 2000A (385 mph)
  5. Beechcraft Super King Air 350i (359 mph)
  6. Cessna 441 Conquest II (261 mph)
  7. Swearingen Merlin III (261 mph)
  8. ATR 72 (322 mph)

Is the Aerostar pressurized?

By the end of the series’ run in 1984 the ultimate Aerostar, by then built by Piper, was a pressurized 260-knot machine with an impressive suite of avionics and a ceiling of 25,000 feet. It was the hottest piston-powered production airplane of the day. Only 25 700Ps were built.

How does the Aerostar compare to other airplanes?

Compared to twins of similar weights, the Aerostar has less wing area, which results in higher approach speeds but a delightfully solid ride in turbulence. Perhaps it’s not surprising that such an iconoclastic airplane as the Aerostar should also have a turbulent corporate history.

When did the Aerostar twin engine plane crash?

Dave Noland, an Aviation Consumer writer who specializes in Aerostar coverage, said the magazine conducted a safety study of the aircraft in 1984 and found that out of 18 similar twin-engine aircraft, the Aerostar ranked 17th in the rate of fatal crashes.

How are Aerostars different from other light twins?

Owners report that the mod is worthwhile. In many ways, Aerostars are very different from other light twins. The wings, mounted midway along the oval fuselage, are the same NACA-64 series used on the Learjet and have only two degrees of dihedral.

What kind of planes did Cessna make in the 80s?

In the early ‘80s, Piper, Cessna, Beech Commander, and Aerostar were producing a dozen different models of dedicated executive transports. Cessna was perhaps the pre-eminent producer of corporate piston twins with a half-dozen models available to cover all contingencies.

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