Are Reebok ellipticals good?

Are Reebok ellipticals good?

The Reebok 1210 is a solid design and a decent machine but their customer service is awful. We would recommend that you look at a different elliptical if you are interested in this model. Not a bad machine at a fair price but not well equipped for multiple heavy users. …

Who makes Reebok ellipticals?

Yes it is the same name with the same logo, but it is simply licensed by Icon Fitness to use as one of their brands. So don’t associate the two when you are making your purchasing decision. Reebok Fitness currently offers a lot of ellipticals to choose from, all priced in the range of $799-$1,999.

How heavy is a Reebok elliptical?

Reebok Elliptical Comparison Matrix

Model Reebok 1000 x Elliptical Trainer Review Reebok Super Ramp RL 7.0 Elliptical Trainer Review
Unit Weight Approx 200 lbs. Approx 225 lbs.
Max User Weight 300 lbs. 325 lbs.
Footprint 65.6″L x 26″W x 62.2″H 80″L x 27″W x 67.5″H
Stability Average Average

How much does a Reebok elliptical cost?

The price of a Reebok elliptical machine ranges from about $500 to $1800 – so they are in the low to moderate price range.

Is Schwinn elliptical a good brand?

Overall, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical is a good buy. For an entry level elliptical machine you are getting a quality piece of exercise equipment made by Schwinn. The Schwinn 430 Elliptical does lack a few conveniences on this model including automated incline and the ability to use a heart rate chest strap.

Which is the best Reebok elliptical to buy?

Reebok Elliptical Model Reviews Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 Elliptical – An exceptionally smooth gliding motion for an inexpensive machine, but it lacks the usual bells and whistles. Reebok Super Ramp RL 7.0 Elliptical – Features a 19″ – 21″ adjustable stride length plus the steepest incline ramp available on an elliptical priced under $1000.

What’s the price of a Reebok stride select?

You then have the 910 (front drive), the T 7.90 (rear drive), the Stride Select RL 6.0 (rear drive) and the Super Ramp RL 7.0 (rear drive), all at around $999. At the top of the line is the 1210 and the RL1500.

What is the name of the elliptical machine?

The name is a big part of the popularity of Reebok Elliptical Machines. Most buyers aren’t aware that Reebok elliptical trainers have nothing to do with the company that manufactures athletic shoes and apparel.

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