Is MDG a legitimate company?

Is MDG a legitimate company?

During 2019, we was approved by MDG for a Gaming Laptop computer for $2500.00. Be advised and aware of this company, they are in fact a scam, selling used computer at new prices.

Is MDG safe to use?

Everything MDG is a scam. You can’t even see the full price of the TV… Sure you may be paying $0.49 per day (~$15/month) but they don’t tell you how long you have to pay them for. Add on their interest starting at 9.8% and you’ll be paying well over the retail price of the TV by the end.

Does MDG report to credit bureau?

The MDG Credit Monitoring Program performs regular soft-checks to see if there are changes to your score. These soft-inquires are not reported to the credit bureaus, so it doesn’t impact on your credit report.

What is MDG phone number?

Shipping Support Once your order has gone through the Verification Department, you can visit our website at or call customer service at 1-800-906-0976 x 352 for your tracking number.

Does MDG help credit?

Getting approved at MDG for financing is easy. Getting approved for a Rent-to-own product is easy. You can build your credit with MDG which will enable you to make future purchases. Renting is not an extension of credit, therefore it does not help you build or improve your credit.

What bank does MDG use?

You also agree that MDG USA Inc. and Capital Community Bank, a Utah Chartered bank, located in Provo Utah, Member FDIC (“CCBank”), may obtain credit and employment information about you by any means, including obtaining information from consumer reporting agencies and/or other sources.

Does MDG ship after first payment?

Your order is considered completed online when you have successfully completed step 3 in your MDG Account online, following the scheduling of your first payment during the online checkout.

Does MDG verify income?

In order to proceed with your application for a credit account, our verification department will require a checking or savings bank account with recent activity. Your main source of income needs to be deposited into your checking or savings bank account.

Can you return items to MDG?

Products returned for exchange must be sent back exactly as they were received. If approved by, an exchange, merchandise credit or refund will be authorized. Due to the volatile nature of computer prices, items will only be refunded, exchanged or credited at the current pricing at the time of return.

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