Does capecitabine have to be taken 12 hours apart?

Does capecitabine have to be taken 12 hours apart?

Capecitabine works best if it is broken down in the stomach when the stomach is full. Take it in the morning after breakfast and then again after dinner. The doses should be spaced 10 to 12 hours apart.

How far apart can you take Xeloda?

You usually take the capecitabine tablets twice a day (in the morning and evening) for 14 days and then have a 7-day break from taking the tablets. This 21-day period is one treatment cycle.

Can Xeloda be dissolved in water?

The exact number of capecitabine tablets needed should be popped out from the blister and added to the water. Allow the tablets to dissolve in the water and use the spoon to mix the solution periodically. This process takes around 15 minutes.

Can you crush Xeloda?

Take XELODA within 30 minutes after finishing a meal. Swallow XELODA tablets whole with water. Do not crush or cut XELODA tablets.

How effective is capecitabine?

Specifically among patients with triple-negative disease, the disease-free survival rate was 69.8% in capecitabine patients and 56.1% in control patients; the HR for recurrence, second cancer, or death in these patients was 0.58 (95% CI, 0.39–0.87).

When is Xeloda prescribed?

Xeloda is a prescription medicine used to treat people with: cancer of the colon that has spread to lymph nodes in the area close to the colon (Dukes’ C stage), after they have surgery. cancer of the colon or rectum (colorectal) that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic).

Does Xeloda really work?

Xeloda also improved overall survival: 89.2% of the women treated with Xeloda were alive. 83.9% of the women who didn’t get chemotherapy were alive.

Does Xeloda cause weight gain?

heart problems–chest pain, irregular heartbeats, swelling in your lower legs, rapid weight gain, feeling lightheaded or short of breath; or.

How much does Xeloda cost for a supply?

Xeloda (capecitabine) is a member of the antimetabolites drug class and is commonly used for Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer – Metastatic, and Colorectal Cancer. The cost for Xeloda oral tablet 150 mg is around $859 for a supply of 60 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit.

Is it safe to cut Xeloda tablets in half?

XELODA is a cytotoxic drug. Follow applicable special handling and disposal procedures.1 If XELODA tablets must be cut or crushed, this should be done by a professional trained in safe handling of cytotoxic drugs using appropriate equipment and safety procedures.

How does Xeloda work to kill cancer cells?

About Xeloda Xeloda is an antimetabolite chemotherapy. It kills cancer cells by acting as false building blocks in a cancer cell’s genes, causing the cancer cell to die as it gets ready to divide. Xeloda is a pill taken by mouth.

What are the long term side effects of Xeloda?

Common side effects of Xeloda include: anemia, diarrhea, hyperbilirubinemia, increased serum alkaline phosphatase, increased serum transaminases, nausea, neutropenia, palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia, paresthesia, stomatitis, thrombocytopenia, and vomiting. Other side effects include: erythema of skin.

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