Is Wild hunter easy to train?

Is Wild hunter easy to train?

There are no jarring mechanics to learn with this class. As a bossing class, Wild Hunter is fairly easy to use. You do have plenty of cooldown skills to manage when you get to 5th job and beyond.

Is Wild Hunter Legion skill good?

Wild Hunter is a great class to play and you’ll definitely want to make one for the legion effect, 20% chance to deal extra damage per attack. The class focuses on working with your Jaguar to defeat mobs. If you like the aesthetic of the Jaguars check this class out!

What weapon does Wild Hunter use?

Class Properties

Class Group Resistance
Legion Bonus Chance for attack to deal increased Úmage (+4/8/12/16/20% – 20% Chance)
Primary Weapon Crossbow
Secondary Weapon Arrowhead
Ammo Arrows

How do you capture a wild hunter Jaguar?

Wild Hunters can tame and mount jaguars. Now, you just need to find out where the jaguars are… You can enter the Jaguar Habitat any time by talking to Black Jack at the Jaguar Habitat. Once there, you can use the Capture skill to tame a new jaguar.

How do you get rare jaguars in Maplestory?

Special Jaguars You can find them by talking to Black Jack at the Resistance Headquarters and then simply going through each channel until they spawn.

How do you capture a jaguar in Snow White?

Talk to black jack in the resistance HQ and go to the jaguar taming ground. Look around for a jaguar that looks like snow white. If you don’t see it, change channel. Keep doing it until you get all the special jaguars as well for the added bonus stats.

How do I increase my legion power?

An average level 140 character will give you +1,933,299 Legion Raid Power. An average level 70 character will give you +184,000 Legion Raid Power. Only characters that are assigned to the Legion Grid increase your Legion Raid Power. You receive 1 Legion Coin per 1 Billion Damage dealt in the Legion Raid.

Where is jaguar habitat Maplestory?

the Secret Square
– The Jaguar Habitat can be accessed through the Black Jack in the Secret Square.

Where do you find Jaguars?

Where do jaguars live? Today, the jaguar is found in South and Central America, from Mexico to northern Argentina. The species’ range formerly spread over the US border into the southern states of America, but had become wiped out there by the 1940s due to hunting.

How do you tame a Jaguar in Maplestory?


  1. Talk to Belle at Resistance Headquarters: Secret Plaza.
  2. Then talk to Black Jack in the same map to enter Hidden Street: Jaguar Habitat.
  3. Use the skill Capture to tame one of the Tamable Jaguar.

What are the characteristics of a wild hunter?

The Wild Hunter has all the characteristics of a Bowman – quick movements, wide attack range, moving attacks, and they have near-unequaled mobility. Wild Hunters are unique, as they need to capture and ride a Jaguar in order to perform most of their skills.

What do you need to be a wild hunter?

Wild Hunters are unique, as they need to capture and ride a Jaguar in order to perform most of their skills. Jaguars, which give Wild Hunters a huge boost in mobility, come in a variety of colors, and players can select a color that suits them best.

What are the combat modes for Wild Hunter?

The Wild Hunter effectively has two combat modes: Mounted and UnMounted. UNMOUNTED: The summoned Jaguar stays alongside the Wild Hunter and has access to several separate [Jaguar Skills] that can be used simultaneously with the Wild Hunter’s own skills.

How to summon a Jaguar in Maple Hunter?

Use Summon Jaguar or a Jaguar Skill to get off the Jaguar and walk alongside it. Summons a Jaguar to fight by your side. Your Jaguar will target enemies you attack. You can command the Jaguar to use the [Jaguar Skill] and the Jaguar can be ridden using the mount skill.

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