What is the 5 digit PIN code for Amazon?

What is the 5 digit PIN code for Amazon?

An Amazon Prime Video PIN allows you to set parental controls to monitor what your kids watch, as well as to prevent unauthorized purchases. You can create the five-digit PIN in a browser on your desktop or on a mobile app. You can set up viewing restrictions or establish a PIN requirement for each purchase.

Where is Amazon four digit PIN?

You can also find the same from your order details in the official website and app. There is an additional 4-digit PIN next to the agent’s contact number, which is only required when you need to contact the delivery agent.

How do I find out my Amazon Prime PIN?

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  1. Go to Account & Settings.
  2. On the Prime Video app for Android or iOS, select My Stuff from the bottom menu, then select the.
  3. Enter a PIN, then click Save.
  4. Note: Prime Video PINs only apply to the device they were set up for.

How do I activate my Amazon PIN?

To set up a Prime Video PIN:

  1. On a PC or Mac, go to Prime Video Settings – Parental Controls.
  2. Enter a PIN, then click Save. Note: Prime Video PINs only apply to the device they were set up for.

How do I bypass Amazon PIN?

If you have the remote paired with the Fire TV, navigate to the factory reset screen and begin the factory reset process. When it requests a PIN, hold down both the right navigation and return buttons. After about ten seconds, the PIN request screen should be bypassed.

How do I remove my PIN from Amazon Prime?

To change your Prime Video PIN on your PC, go to the Amazon Prime Video homepage and follow the guide above to go to Settings > Parental Controls. Sign in with your account credentials, then click ‘Change’ to the right of the PIN. This will wipe out the current PIN.

Why would Amazon send me an OTP?

Due to the value of some items, a one-time password (OTP) is required on delivery for some orders. An OTP adds an extra layer of security to your packages. If an OTP is required, we send a six-digit, numeric OTP to your registered email address after we ship the item.

What if I forgot my prime video PIN?

If you forgot your Prime Video PIN, you don’t have to worry. All you need are your Amazon Prime credentials to change it. You only need to change your PIN on one device for it to reflect on all selected devices.

Why is my Amazon PIN not working?

What to do if your Prime Video PIN does not work, or if you see error codes such as 5014, 5016. Wait a few minutes, then try again. Visit Prime Video Settings to edit your PIN number. Set a PIN on every device you wish to use Parental Controls on.

How do I turn off the PIN on my Amazon Fire Stick?

Click the Menu option, and a drop-down list will appear. Choose the Settings option and then go to the Parental Controls tab. Clear the PIN in the Prime Video PIN menu. Press the Save option to save the settings.

Why did I get a text with an Amazon verification code?

Amazon can send your account security verification code via text message. If you’re adding a line to your account, the primary account holder will receive a text message. For upgrades, the line being upgraded will receive the text message.

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