What does wily mean in British?

What does wily mean in British?

British Dictionary definitions for wily wily. / (ˈwaɪlɪ) / adjective wilier or wiliest. characterized by or proceeding from wiles; sly or crafty.

How do you use the word wily?

Wily in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The wily cartoon character was always thinking of ways to steal food.
  2. As a wily con artist, Chris was able to take advantage of a large number of people.
  3. The casino manager banned the wily gambler for counting cards.

Is wily a compliment?

Answer: In certain instances, these labels could be considered either compliments or insults, however, the direct connotations of “wily” and “tricky” are negative. If he were called “witty” or “clever,” that would certainly be a compliment.

What does the word Wiliest mean?

(ˈwaɪlɪ ) adjectiveWord forms: wilier or wiliest. characterized by or proceeding from wiles; sly or crafty.

Who is a wily person?

The definition of wily is something or someone who is cunning and sly. An example of wily is a bank robber whose picture never gets caught on a surveillance camera. adjective. 1. Full of wiles; cunning.

What is a wily woman?

sly, cunning, crafty, wily, tricky, foxy, artful, slick mean attaining or seeking to attain one’s ends by guileful or devious means. sly implies furtiveness, lack of candor, and skill in concealing one’s aims and methods.

What is the definition of a deceitful person?

: having a tendency or disposition to deceive or give false impressions: a : not honest a deceitful child left her deceitful husband. b : deceptive, misleading deceitful advertising.

What does Wily Wily mean?

If you describe someone or their behavior as wily, you mean that they are clever at achieving what they want, especially by tricking people. This is a wily politician. Synonyms: cunning, designing, scheming, sharp More Synonyms of wily.

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