Who is the strongest in Omamori Himari?

Who is the strongest in Omamori Himari?

Japan’s 12 Demon-Slayer Families

  • Rank: 1st.
  • Current Head: Aiji Tsuchimikado.
  • Status: Active.
  • Ability: Cosmology-Abe Style.
  • Description: An esoteric cosmology family trained in the Abe style and renowned as the strongest demon-slayer family. Unlike the Jingujis, they’re shrouded in mystery to hid their activities.

Who is the MC in Omamori Himari?

Yuuto Amakawa
Yuuto Amakawa is the male protagonist of Omamori Himari.

Does yuuto end up with himari?

Himari Noihara (野井原緋鞠, Noihara Himari) or Himari for short, is a fictional character in the manga series Omamori Himari, created by Milan Matra. At the end of the series, Yuto saves Himari and confesses his love back to her.

Who are the main characters in Omamori Himari?

Omamori Himari features a wide and diverse range of characters, from humans to Demon Slayers and Ayakashi, some of which are allies. All of the main characters (except for Shizuku and Liz) are 16 years old at the start of the series. Amakawa Yūto?) is the protagonist of the series. He is the sole descendant of the Amakawa Family (天河家

Who are the magnetic girlfriends in Omamori Himari?

Shizuku is an inversion of this trope since she can fight, unlike Rinko. Magnetic Girlfriends: All the Cute Monster Girls (and one Dark Magical Girl) seem to have come out of the woods right after Himari entered Yuuto’s life, although that has more to do with the awakening of his demon-hunting powers when he turned 16.

Why does Omamori Himari protect Yuto from demons?

Himari reveals to him that some of his ancestors were part of the twelve Demon Slayer families that have been slaying demons since the feudal era. She has sworn an oath to protect Yuto from the demons that are out to kill him, but Yuto’s allergy to cats makes it somewhat difficult to deal with.

Who is the cat spirit in Omamori Himari?

On his sixteenth birthday, he meets a beautiful girl named Himari who turns out to be a cat spirit, and discovers that his family is one of the twelve demon slayer families who eradicated ayakashi in the past.

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