Who does Sheldon call an egg salad in season 6?

Who does Sheldon call an egg salad in season 6?

Janine Davis: Well, according to Ms. Jensen, you said that she was a slave to her biological urges and called her an egg salad sandwich. I don’t even know what that means, but I’m gonna go ahead and tell you you can’t say it. Sheldon Cooper: Oh!

Do any of The Big Bang Theory cast have a PHD?

Onetime child star Mayim Bialik earned a Ph. D. in neuroscience, then returned to acting on TV hit The Big Bang Theory—playing a scientist. It’s given her a unique view of women’s roles, in STEM fields and in general.

What two PHDS does Sheldon Cooper have?

He doesn’t have just one, but possesses two PhD.’s in physics. He firstly graduated from college at the age of 14 – that too summa cum laude – before receiving his doctorate at the age of 16! He then bettered that accomplishment by receiving his second doctorate four years later, making him a two-time Ph.

What happened to Sheldon’s assistant Alex?

Nothing ever happened between Leonard and Alex and she continued to work as Sheldon’s assistant. She did so despite Sheldon inappropriately reprimanding her for making “inappropriate sexual advances” towards Leonard, which resulted in a stern warning for him from HR.

When did the egg salad equivalency episode come out?

A complaint is filed against Sheldon by Alex. “The Egg Salad Equivalency” is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. This episode first aired on Thursday, January 3, 2013.

Who are the actors in the Big Bang theory?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Johnny Galecki Leonard Hofstadter Jim Parsons Sheldon Cooper Kaley Cuoco Penny Simon Helberg Howard Wolowitz Kunal Nayyar Raj Koothrappali

When was the first episode of the Big Bang theory?

This episode first aired on Thursday, January 3, 2013. Alex asks Leonard out to dinner, causing him to develop a cocky attitude that irritates Sheldon. Sheldon attempts to direct Alex’s attention back to her work; however, his condescension and insensitivity cause her to file a sexual harassment claim against him.

What happens to Penny in the Big Bang theory?

Sheldon leaves the office, leaving behind a very displeased Alex. Finally, Penny starts looking at science classes at her local community college, since Alex can talk to Leonard about his work and she can’t. She decides that they are all boring.

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