What is the effective range of M16A1 rifle?

What is the effective range of M16A1 rifle?

550 m
M16 rifle

Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16
Muzzle velocity 3,150 ft/s (960 m/s) (M855A1 round)
Effective firing range 550 m (601 yd) (point target) 800 m (875 yd) (area target)
Maximum firing range 3,600 m (3,937 yd)

Is the M16A1 legal?

You can own an M16 as a civilian depending on your state laws, however, since there are only so many of them available (none available for civilians after 1986), the price is high.

Who manufactured the M16A1?

Colt’s Manufacturing Company
M16A1 assault rifle. Colt’s Manufacturing Company has produced various M16 models for the U.S. military since the 1960s.

What is the size of the ammunition of the M16A1 rifle?

The M16 uses the 5.56mm NATO (. 223) caliber cartridge, with a muzzle velocity (the speed of bullet leaving the rifle) of over 900 meters per second (over 3,000 feet per second), and has a maximum effective range of 550 meters, with a rate of fire (how fast the gun shoots) of approximately 800 rounds per minute.

What kind of rifle is the M16 5.56mm?

M16 5.56mm Rifle. The M16 series of rifles was the standard issue shoulder weapon in the US military until 2005, at which point the M4 Carbine became the standard issue within the US Army. It marked a departure from normal ballistics in that it used a smaller, high-velocity round (5.56 mm caliber versus 7.62mm).

Is the M16A1 the same caliber as the M4?

Internal Ballistics. The overall dimensions of the combat service 5.56-mm cartridges are the same, which allows cartridges to be fired safely in M16A1 or M16A2 rifles and the M4 carbine. There are internal differences that affect firing accuracy. An ammunition comparison is provided in Figure 5-32. Figure 5-32. Projectile differences.

What kind of range does the m 16 rifle have?

M-16 Rifle Characteristics. Rifle, 5.56mm, M-16A2. The M-16 is selectable for full and automatic fire. The M16 was to have had the same effective range as the M-14 rifle it replaced, but it was most effective at a range of 215 yards (200m) or less.

What was the total production of the M16 rifle?

Total worldwide production of M16s has been approximately 8 million, making it the most-produced firearm of its 5.56 mm caliber. The US military has largely replaced the M16 in frontline combat units with a shorter and lighter version, the M4 carbine.

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