Which country produces most salmon?

Which country produces most salmon?

Leading salmon producers worldwide in 2018 In 2018, Norway produced about 55 percent of the salmon worldwide. That year, Chile was responsible for around 25.5 percent of total global salmon production.

How much salmon is produced worldwide?

In 2019, production of Atlantic salmon amounted to around 2.6 million metric tons worldwide….Production of Atlantic salmon worldwide from 2000 to 2021 (in 1,000 metric tons)

Characteristic Production in thousand metric tons
2018 2,423
2017 2,290
2016 2,162
2015 2,319

Which country produce salmon?

This means that the two leading producer countries, Norway and Chile currently make up over 80 % of total production. With production shares in parentheses, Scotland (7.4 % ), Canada (5.7 % ) and the Faroe Islands (2.7 % ) round out the five leading producer countries.

Which country is famous for salmon?

Salmon farming is significant in Chile, Norway, Scotland, Canada and the Faroe Islands; it is the source for most salmon consumed in the United States and Europe. Atlantic salmon are also, in very small volumes, farmed in Russia and Tasmania, Australia. Salmon are carnivorous.

How much salmon is farmed in the world?

The farmed salmon industry has grown substantially in the past 40 years, and today approximately 60% of salmon produced worldwide is farmed. In 2015 more than 2,200,000 tons of farmed salmon were produced, while in comparison around 880,000 tons of wild salmon were caught.

How is the salmon industry doing in the world?

24-06-2019 With the Chilean sector’s performance improving in 2018, the global Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry is matching good profitability with consistent and controlled growth. Despite a 5 percent increase in supply in 2018, production growth continues to lag demand and stakeholders

What was the production of Atlantic salmon in 2018?

The overall production of farmed Atlantic salmon was marked at 2.42 million metric tons in 2018. Good production of farmed Atlantic salmon had experienced a steep decline in the prices in both Norway and Chile in the first half of 2019.

Who are the leading producers of salmonids in the world?

In 2012, the leading producers of salmonids were Norway, Chile, Scotland and Canada. Much controversy exists about the ecological and health impacts of intensive salmonids aquaculture. Of particular concern are the impacts on wild salmon and other marine life.

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