Can Solartex be painted?

Can Solartex be painted?

The usual procedure is a heavy coat or two of automotive primer with lots of sanding, and then the finish coat on top of that. I’m sure you don’t want a heavy primer coat on an electric, or with open bay structures, but I think solartex will work with most paints.

Can you paint Solarfilm?

IT is available from office supply stores. It is a little heavier than Solite, but it can be painted on the rough side, or steel wooled or sandpapered and painted.

What is Solartex fabric?

SATIN SOLARTEX is a superlight, extra fine, woven fabric that has been painted at the factory with a special two-pack paint that is resistant to all fuels – glo, diesel and petrol (gasoline).

How do you use a sig Koverall?

Just brush a coat of Stix-It on the model framework, let it dry, then iron-on the Koverall just like you would a much more expensive iron-on fabric covering. Once the Koverall is stuck down around the edges, it can be shrunk perfectly tight with an iron or heat gun.

What is Balsaloc?

Water-based emulsion that dries to a clear colourless film. Applied on a. surface and allowed to dry it forms a good heat seal adhesive. FEATURES. Used as the adhesive to attach Fibafilm, Litespan and Airspan.

Is Solartex fabric waterproof?

​ Our Solution Dyed Polyester is durable and long-lasting that has excellent resistance to High UV, Fading and Water Repellency. Also it has no waste of dying water in manufacturing process.

How much does Oratex cost?

Think Oratex is about $67.00 per yard. Figure 45 to 50 yards to cover a Cub so roughly $3,350.00 for the fabric without glue and tapes.

How do you cover an airplane?

Control Surface Aircraft Fabric Covering with Stewart Systems Part 1

  1. Step One: Pre-Cut and Position the Fabric Panels.
  2. Step Two: Pre-Glue and Wait to Dry.
  3. Step Three: Wrap Fabric on Glue and Iron.
  4. Step Four: Apply Glue to Fabric, Wipe Away Excess & Bond using Iron.
  5. Step Five: Prep, Glue and Iron the Top-Side of the Fabric.

How do you use a Balsaloc?

Apply very thinly with a scrap of flexible plastic foam on to the model framework and allow to dry. Then iron the covering in place. On solid sheet, wood surfaces apply a very thin coat to the wood and to the back of the Litespan or Airspan.

Can Balsaloc be thinned?

The Balsaloc is diluted 50-50 with plain water and applied liberally, preferably with a short-bristled brush (not a stiff-bristled brush, please!) to the framework and allowed to dry.

What kind of paint to use on solartex fabric covering?

Their are a few glass parts that will need to be painted, one is the engine cowling and two side cheeks, otherwise most of the other painting will be over balsa that has the Solartex covering. Just thinking something funny and that was if I did use primer and it did crack, it may make the Eindecker look more authentic.

Do you need to seal a solartex cover?

Solartex is painted while in the making of the product. The weave is airtight so you do not need to seal it. The paint doesn’t feel like it is sitting on the top of the covering like some. Conclusion: I like the looks of many coverings.

What’s the best way to clean a solartex?

The adhesive is colourless so the airframe is not contaminated with colour – making repairs or re-covering very easy. When the model is in use, to keep the Solartex in ‘as new’ condition, it should be scrubbed gently with soapy water to remove grime and deposits of fuel or oil.

What kind of adhesive is used on a solartex?

A special heat activated adhesive on the back of the fabric gives excellent adhesion to wooden surfaces and to the painted front of the Solartex. The adhesive is colorless so the airframe is not contaminated with colour, making repairs or re-covering very easy!

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