How many CeX stores are there in the UK?

How many CeX stores are there in the UK?

380 shops
It was established in 1992 in London, and has since grown to have more than 380 shops in the UK which is a mix of franchise and centrally owned stores. and over 225 abroad.

Why is CeX closing down?

Original story: IGN understands that CeX, one of the UK’s largest used game retailers, is to close its corporate stores for at least 14 days amid the spread of COVID-19, as employee concerns rose that not enough was being done to prevent virus transfer between staff and customers.

Does CeX pay cash?

Payment of the items in store to you is by cash, CEX vouchers or a bank transfer. The bank transfer takes typically one working day to get to your account.

Does CeX deliver to home?

Yes, you can now buy, sell or exchange gadgets and games from the comfort of your home or office! A dedicated staff member will drive to your location at a time that suits you, test your item at your door and pay you via direct bank transfer or CeX voucher.

How much does CeX pay per hour?

The average CeX Webuy Entertainment hourly pay ranges from approximately £9 per hour for a a Sales Assistant to £10 per hour for a an Assistant Manager.

Is CeX all second-hand?

As the nature of our business is the purchase and sale of second-hand items. Unless stated all the items listed on our website are second-hand.

Do CeX check if phones are stolen?

You sell phones that were or could’ve been stolen but don’t accept if the rightful owner blacklists them. We test all items sold to us & we run all serial numbers through a system that is linked to the police database for items that have been reported lost or stolen.

How long does a CeX delivery take?

How long does CeX take to deliver? CeX normally delivers within 5 Days.

Can I walk into CeX and sell?

If you’re exchanging a Phone or selling anything for cash you need a full CeX membership, which is free. A full membership allows you to sell all items for either cash or credit voucher.

How much do CeX employees get paid?

The average CeX Webuy Entertainment salary ranges from approximately £17,265 per year for a a Sales Assistant to £33,298 per year for a a Manager. The average CeX Webuy Entertainment hourly pay ranges from approximately £9 per hour for a a Sales Assistant to £10 per hour for a an Assistant Manager.

Can I track my CeX order?

Enter your tracking ID along with your postcode on the following page to track your order.

How long does it take to get a delivery from CeX?

Where can I find the nearest Cex store?

Find your nearest CeX location with our store locator. Are we missing your local CeX location? Add a store to let us know about it.

Do you have to be a member to trade on Cex?

Below, you’ll find a list of stores with maps, so you can start trading with us. Choose your closest branch. If you want to sell or trade-in goods to one of our stores, you’ll need to become a member. Joining is free, but you may need to bring some ID with you.

When did the first Cex store open in Nepean?

We started CeX in 1992 and set out to make it possible for people to afford even the most exotic kit by trading in their old, unwanted computing stuff, games and gadgets. We have always aimed to be the place you can pick up second hand oldies-but-still-goodies at knock down prices too.

Can you use Bitcoin to buy from a Cex store?

An online platform is available for buying and selling. One unique aspect of the online CEX store is that they accept Bitcoin as a payment method – something that not many other big brands do. They also offer Bitcoin for customers who are selling a second-hand product to them.

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