What is a lateral condyle fracture?

What is a lateral condyle fracture?

A lateral condyle fracture is a break in the lower part of this bone, near the elbow. This is a common fracture, especially in younger children. This fracture often occurs because of a FOOSH (a fall onto an out- stretched hand) or a direct blow to the elbow, like in falls from scooters, skates or monkey bars.

Where is the lateral condyle of humerus?

The physis of the lateral condyle extends into the trochlear notch of the distal humerus (see the image below). Therefore, in some lateral humeral condyle fractures, the lateral crista of the trochlea may be part of the fracture fragment, leading to an unstable humeral ulnar articulation.

What is the humerus condyle?

Description. The condyle of humerus is the distal part of humerus (including the capitulum, trochlea, olecranon fossa, coronoid fossa, radial fossa, medial and lateral epicondyles).

What is a humerus fracture?

A proximal humerus fracture also referred to as a broken humerus, is a break of the shoulder at the top of the upper arm bone. The bone usually fractures just below the ball of the shoulder joint. This can occur in patients of all ages from a variety of traumatic causes.

What makes up the condyle of the humerus?

Anatomical terms of bone The Condyle of humerus is the distal end of the humerus. It is made up of the capitulum and the trochlea.

What does condyle mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of condyle : an articular prominence of a bone —used chiefly of such as occur in pairs resembling a pair of knuckles (as those of the occipital bone for articulation with the atlas, those at the distal end of the humerus and femur, and those of the lower jaw) — see lateral condyle, medial condyle.

What does lateral condyle mean in anatomy?

: a condyle on the outer side of the lower extremity of the femur also : a corresponding eminence on the upper part of the tibia that articulates with the lateral condyle of the femur — compare medial condyle.

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