Where is Paul Steigerwald?

Where is Paul Steigerwald?

He is the uncle of VICE columnist and former Reason associate editor Lucy Steigerwald. He was raised, and continues to live, in the Pittsburgh suburb Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

How old is Paul Steigerwald?

67 years (August 6, 1954)
Paul Steigerwald/Age

What is Bob Errey salary?

Bob Errey’s net worth / career earnings / salary history. He made US$3,911,357 (US$6,849,861 in today’s dollars), ranking #1745 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

Who are the Penguins announcers?


Year Channel Color commentator(s)
2019-20 AT SportsNet Pittsburgh Bob Errey
2018-19 AT SportsNet Pittsburgh Bob Errey
2017-18 AT SportsNet Pittsburgh Bob Errey
2016-17 Root Sports Pittsburgh Bob Errey

How many Stanley Cups did Bob Errey win?

two Stanley Cups
He won two Stanley Cups as a member of the Penguins in 1991 and 1992. He was also a member of Team Canada in 1997 winning a gold medal at the World Championships and appeared in the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals with Detroit. With the Penguins, he originally wore jersey #10 then settled with #12.

Did Steve Mears play hockey?

Steve Mears is the television play-by-play voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins on AT SportsNet Pittsburgh….

Steve Mears
Occupation Pittsburgh Penguins TV Play-by-Play (2017–present) US Open Play-by-Play (2020) Host of NHL Now (2013–2017) Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs Media Director ( 2002–2006)

How old is Mike Lang?

73 years (March 3, 1948)
Mike Lange/Age

Where is Bob Errey from?

Montreal, Canada
Bob Errey/Place of birth

How old is Steve Mears?

41 years (January 22, 1980)
Steve Mears/Age

What radio station is the Pittsburgh Penguins game on?

WXDX-FM 105.9 FM
The flagship station since 2006 is WXDX-FM in Pittsburgh….Affiliate stations.

Call sign WXDX-FM
Radio frequency 105.9 FM
Branding The X
Market Pittsburgh
State Pennsylvania

Is the Pens game on the radio?

The Pittsburgh Penguins Radio Network is a radio network operated by the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League that provides broadcasts for all the team’s games….Affiliate stations.

Call sign WMBS
Radio frequency 590 AM 101.1 FM
Branding Your Local Station, 590 AM 101.1 FM
Market Uniontown
State Pennsylvania

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