What is Telstra billing number?

What is Telstra billing number?

Call 1300 369 666 and use your debit or credit card account to pay (a processing fee applies for debit and credit card payments).

Can you dispute a phone bill?

To dispute your bill, contact your service provider. Often a simple phone call to your provider can save you money. If your dispute is not resolved in this manner, you can seek to have your dispute resolved through arbitration or by filing an action in a small claims court.

How does Telstra billing work?

When you become a Telstra customer and receive a bill for your service, we allocate you a specific date of the month when your billing period starts. For example, if we start your billing period on the 5th of each month, you’ll be charged from the 5th of that month to the 4th of the next month.

How do I contact Telstra about a complaint?

You can also lodge your complaint in one of the following ways:

  1. Post your complaint letter to: Telstra Complaints. Locked Bag 20026. Melbourne VIC 3001.
  2. Fax your complaint to 1800 753 949.
  3. Contact us on 13 22 00 and say ‘complaints’

Where do I Find my Telstra phone bill?

Use the My Telstra App from your mobile or sign in to Your Telstra Tools and access your bills. Sign in to Your Telstra Tools. You’ll see a list of all your accounts. Next to each account you can select Download your latest bill. Sign in to Your Telstra Tools. Here you’ll see a list of all your accounts.

What is the phone number for Telstra in Australia?

Call Telstra from overseas Telstra’s overseas customer service number is +61 439 125 109, which is free to call from a Telstra phone. Telstra Platinum tech support members can also dial +612 9242 0570 for technical support while abroad. Telstra phone numbers for multilingual customer support

How can I make a one off payment to Telstra?

You’ll need to make a manual one-off payment and you can choose to do this, either by: Using the link contained in the email you received, or Going to the Payments tab in the My Telstra app and selecting ‘Pay now’ There are no late payment fees on upfront plans.

How can I download my Telstra call list?

When I looked at the PDF of my Telstra bill, it only showed detailed data usage and not my list of mobile phone calls. So I logged into my online Telstra account, thinking that I would be able to quickly download my call list for March.

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