How can I get free parts from Nord?

How can I get free parts from Nord?

NORD’s free online customer tools allow you to select, configure, order, and track your gear units quickly and easily. We also have a full offering of spare and replacements parts that can be ordered directly through this customer portal.

What’s the range of a Nord electric motor?

For these cases, our range includes special motors with a power range from 0.16 to 40 HP: The explosion protected versions are available as options for use in dust and gas atmospheres. Our motors are certified according to ATEX, IECEx and HazLoc.

Where can I find a Nord drive system?

NORD’s growing portfolio within a variety of industries shows proven results of helping customers with their drive systems. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is represented throughout the world. Find all sites and contact data here – at the Bargteheide headquarters and worldwide.

What kind of warranty does Getriebebau Nord have?

Strict compliance with the instructions in this Operating Manual is essential. Getriebebau NORD accepts no liability for damage to persons, materials or assets as a result of the non-observance of this Operating Manual, operating errors or incorrect use. General wearing parts, e.g. radial seals are excluded from the warranty.

What can I do with my career with Nord?

You have a wide range of entry opportunities with NORD. Let us develop your personal career together. We look forward to hearing from you. The contents of our website address all genders equally – regardless of the spelling used in each case.

Where is Nord Nord’s corporate headquarters in Wisconsin?

Our Wisconsin facility is the main hub of operations in the United States and serves as our U.S. corporate headquarters. This plant processes roughly 400 orders per day and we expect that number to increase as we expand into the U.S. market. Call us at 888-314-6673 or fill out our online contact form.

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