Why does Mini USB have 5 pins?

Why does Mini USB have 5 pins?

The newer mini and micro connections add an ID signal. Before USB OTG was popular, the 5th pin was an auxiliary pin to allow the USB port on portable devices to be used for other purposes via passive components/circuits. A resistor array in the cable would indicate the function of the cable to circuitry in the device.

How many pins does a mini USB cable have?

five pins
The standard mini USB connector has five pins: Looking at the mini connector on a cable, pins are numbered 1-4 (X included), ascending, from left to right. All wires are shielded, and the data wires (positive and negative) are a twisted pair requiring no termination.

What are the small USB ports called?

Micro-USB. This is a tiny connector that’s popular on all kinds of portable devices. Everything from Android phones to external battery packs to Bluetooth headphones uses a micro-USB port. However, some smartphones have moved onto the newer USB-C port.

What is the USB ID pin for?

With the ID pin at ground (GND), the OTG product functions as a USB host and provides VBUS to the attached USB peripheral. Otherwise, the OTG device functions as a USB peripheral.

What is the USB ID?

USB vendor IDs (VID) and product IDs (PID) are 16-bit numbers used to identify USB devices to a computer or other host. Each vendor ID is assigned by the USB Implementers Forum to a specific company, which in turn assign a PID to individual products.

How many pins in an USB connector?

In the standard USB A and B connectors specified in the USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 specification, four pins are defined.Two pins are used for power and two pins are used for differential data transmission. If you look carefully at the connector you will see that the pins for the power connection (pin 1 and 4) are slightly longer.

What is a mini B connector?

The mini-B is a true USB connector, but often relegated towards smaller peripheral electronics like GPS devices, some cell phones, digital cameras, and other communication devices.

What are the different types of USB chargers?

7 Different Types of Mobile Chargers Wall Chargers Desktop Chargers Car Chargers Green Chargers USB Chargers Multiport USB Chargers Emergency Chargers

What is a mini USB socket?

Definition of: Mini USB. Mini USB. The small USB socket found on digital cameras, external hard drives, USB hubs and other equipment. Mini USB is much smaller than USB Type A and B but twice as thick as Micro USB (see illustration below).

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