Who won Honduras vs El Salvador war?

Who won Honduras vs El Salvador war?

It further claimed that “the government of Honduras has not taken any effective measures to punish these crimes which constitute genocide, nor has it given assurances of indemnification or reparations for the damages caused to Salvadorans”. El Salvador won the decisive third game 3–2 after extra time.

What caused the Soccer War of 1969?

One salient example of the game’s ability to directly impact global politics is the armed conflict between Honduras and El Salvador in 1969–the so-called “Soccer War.” Although three 1969 World Cup qualifying matches (for the 1970 Mexico City World Cup) were the spark that ignited the conflict, the war stemmed from …

Did El Salvador go to war over a soccer game?

In 1969, El Salvador and Honduras fought a four-day conflict that cost thousands of lives and displaced thousands more – a bloody struggle still remembered as the Football War. It was 2-2 after 90 minutes at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Did soccer start a war?

July 14, 1969 – July 18, 1969
Football War/Periods

What is the name of the most important Mayan pyramid in El Salvador?

Maya ruins of Tazumal

The Maya ruins of Tazumal
Location of the site Show map of Mesoamerica Show map of El Salvador Show all
Location Santa Ana Department, El Salvador
Coordinates 13°58′46″N 89°40′27″W

Is tazumal a Mayan?

Tazumal (/täsuːˈm äl/) is a pre-Columbian Maya archeological site in Chalchuapa, El Salvador. The Tazumal group is located in the southern portion of the Chalchuapa archaeological zone.

What was the name of the Soccer War in 1969?

The Soccer War of 1969) Below, we’ll take a look at the three deadliest ever — The Estadio Nacional Disaster (Peru), The Accra Sports Stadium Disaster (Ghana), and The Hillsborough Disaster (England) — all of which were the result of police mismanagement.

What was the name of the soccer disaster in 1964?

May 24, 1964 – Estadio Nacional disaster – 328 died and 500 injured during match between Argentina and Peru when referee disallowed a goal scored at last minute which ignited crowd protest. Police fired tear gas into the crowd, causing a panic and a rush for the exits at National Stadium, Lima, Peru.

Where did the Bolivian soccer team crash in 1969?

Sept. 26, 1969 – While traveling home from a special holiday match, almost every member of the Bolivian soccer team “The Strongest” was killed in a crash that left a total of 83 people dead. Sixteen soccer players, their coach, and two team staffers died in the crash near Viloco, Bolivia.

What was the worst soccer accident in history?

The resulting stampede crushed 43 people to death. Apparently untrained security guards fired tear gas at the crowd, making the situation worse. When it became apparent what had happened the match was halted and the crowd was dispersed. It was the worst sporting accident in South African history, beating out the Orkney incident by just one body.

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