What is a peace education project?

What is a peace education project?

The Peace Education Programme (Developed and endorsed by UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF and INEE) teaches the skills and values associated with peaceful behaviours. To ensure that it is a viable programme, it is essential that peace education is not a ‘one-off’ initiative but rather a well structured and sustained programme.

How do you keep peace at school?

Peace Education in Action

  1. Model kindness and empathy.
  2. Repair, don’t punish.
  3. Create a democratic space.
  4. Use experiential learning.
  5. Give a voice to the excluded.
  6. Encourage collaboration in diverse groups.
  7. Discuss controversial issues.
  8. Integrate service learning.

What is a peace project?

Peace Project may refer to: Generally, projects intended to bring about peace. The Peace Project, a non-profit organization. Everest Peace Project, a peace-through-mountaineering organization. Zimbabwe Peace Project, a human-rights-monitoring organization.

What is peace education examples?

These include nonviolence, conflict resolution techniques, democracy, disarmament, gender equality, human rights, environmental responsibility, history, communication skills, coexistence, and international understanding and tolerance of diversity.

What’s the best craft to teach kids about peace?

Teach kids about peace in the classroom and create this FREE dove peace foldable writing craft for Remembrance Day, Veteran’s Day, MLK Day, International Peace Day. Laura Candler

How does project Peace for schools work for schools?

The teams meet monthly with Peace Center trainers and are empowered to serve as leaders in creating safety for their school. The school will then be self-sufficient in continuing the program. Project PEACE meets the individual needs of your school based on data collected in a needs assessment questionnaire.

Who is the founder of projects for peace?

Upon the occasion of her 100th birthday, international philanthropist Kathryn W. Davis chose to celebrate by committing $1 million to Projects for Peace. Now in its twelfth year, Projects for Peace continues to support and encourage today’s motivated youth to create and test their own ideas for building peace. More »

What can I do in my Classroom for Peace Day?

For example, you might ask each student to write about what peace means to them. You might invite a veteran into your classroom to speak about war and peace. You can also use many of the teaching resources found at Teacher Planet. They offer teaching peace lesson plans.

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