What is a good fielding percentage for a shortstop?

What is a good fielding percentage for a shortstop?

Career Leaders & Records for Fielding % as SS

Rank Player (yrs, age) Fielding % as SS
1. Omar Vizquel (24) .9847
2. Troy Tulowitzki (13) .9846
3. Freddy Galvis (10, 31) .9836
4. Jimmy Rollins (17) .9834

What is my fielding percentage?

The formula is simple: the total number of putouts and assists by a defender, divided by the total number of chances (putouts, assists and errors).

What’s a good fielding percentage for a catcher?

997 is a good fielding percentage for a catcher and . 986 is good for a second baseman, but which is better?

Who is the greatest defensive shortstop of all time?

Career dWAR Leaders at Shortstop

Rank Player (yrs) Defensive WAR
1 Ozzie Smith (19) 44.2
2 Mark Belanger (18) 39.5
3 Cal Ripken Jr. (21) 35.7
4 Joe Tinker (15) 34.3

Who is the best 3rd baseman of all time?

MLB all-time lists: Best third basemen of the expansion era

Brian Kenny Bob Costas
1. Mike Schmidt 1. Mike Schmidt
2. George Brett 2. George Brett
3. Wade Boggs 3. Chipper Jones
4. Chipper Jones 4. Wade Boggs

Who are the top 10 defensive shortstops in MLB?

Ranking MLB’s 10 Best Defensive Shortstops 1 Andrelton Simmons. 2 Pedro Florimon. 3 Troy Tulowitzki. 4 J.J. 5 Pete Kozma. 6 Alcides Escobar. 7 Yunel Escobar. 8 Elvis Andrus. 9 Stephen Drew. 10 Alexei Ramirez.

How is a shortstop like a second baseman?

Like a second baseman, a shortstop must be agile, for example when performing a 4-6-3 double play. Also, like a third baseman, the shortstop fields balls hit to the left side of the infield, where a strong arm is needed to throw out a batter-runner before they reach the safety of first base.

Where does Hanley Ramirez rank as a shortstop?

Ramirez has a UZR of 4.0, which slots him ninth among qualifying shortstops, and his dWAR of 1.1 (tied for fourth place) does him one better. His DRS of five puts him in a tie for fifth among qualifying shortstops.

Where is the shortstop in a baseball game?

The shortstop ordinarily is positioned near second base on the third-base side. Because right-handed hitters tend to hit the ball more toward third base, a shortstop will generally move closer to third base if the batter is batting right-handed, and more toward first base if the batter is batting left-handed.

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