Is Lithium Grease compatible with polyurea grease?

Is Lithium Grease compatible with polyurea grease?

When comparing a polyurea grease to a lithium-complex grease, the biggest drawback is that polyurea thickeners are quite incompatible. This incompatibility can cause hardening or softening of the grease. However, polyurea thickeners do offer some advantages over lithium thickeners.

Can you mix silicone and lithium grease?

Combining these two, the grease comes out as a white coloured gluey paste. You can usually find it in two different forms: silicone grease and silicone spray. Those lubes work well on every surface, but they can’t stand high temperatures; they are not advisable for car parts that deal with extreme temperatures.

Can you mix different types of grease?

Mixing incompatible greases can have dire consequences. They may react together and cause a separation of the base oil or oils from the thickeners of the two greases. When this happens, the base oil can no longer stay in place and you get a messy situation – oil oozing or running out of the area where it was applied.

What’s the difference between lubrication grease and lithium?

This is important to consider when refilling a reservoir that already contains grease. Lubrication grease is a mixture of oil and soap or another thickener. The portion of the grease that determines the compatibility is the thickener. Lithium complex is the thickener that is most compatible with other thickeners.

Can you mix polyurea Grease with lithium grease?

Some polyurea thickeners are completely compatible with lithium and lithium complex thickeners, while other polyurea thickeners are definitely incompatible with the lithium and lithium complex thickeners. It is necessary to perform compatibility testing on combinations of these greases to determine whether the greases can be mixed in service.

Which is better Graco grease or lithium complex?

Lithium complex is the thickener that is most compatible with other thickeners. There are only a few other thickeners that are not compatible with lithium complex, when using one of the Graco greases.

Which is not present on the grease compatibility chart?

not present THICKENER A Aluminum Complex B Barium Soap B Barium Complex B Silica Gel S Aluminum Complex B Barium Soap Barium Complex

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