What does Molon mean in English?

What does Molon mean in English?

come and take
Molon labe (Ancient Greek: μολὼν λαβέ, romanized: molṑn labé), meaning ‘come and take [them]’, is a classical expression of defiance. It is among the Laconic phrases reported by Plutarch, attributed to King Leonidas I in reply to the demand by Xerxes I that the Spartans surrender their weapons.

What is the English meaning of Piacere?

– Pleased to meet you! But piacere can also mean something more like ‘courtesy’ or ‘favour’.

Is Leonidas real?

530-480 B.C.) was a king of the city-state of Sparta from about 490 B.C. until his death at the Battle of Thermopylae against the Persian army in 480 B.C. Although Leonidas lost the battle, his death at Thermopylae was seen as a heroic sacrifice because he sent most of his army away when he realized that the Persians …

What is the Spartan saying?

“Spartans, Eat Well, for Tonight We Dine in Hades” is a memorable line from the movie, 300. The Spartans pioneered the laconic phrase. Lakonia was the general region around Sparta in southern Greece. They were a tough people, wasting little time with flowery phrases and got to the point quickly.

How do you respond to Piacere?

You may hear people saying piacere di conoscerti or piacere di conoscerla (formal) which also means nice to meet you. Here, the reply could be altrettanto (nice to meet you too).

How is ushira used in the real world?

Ushira is nerve relaxant, helps to calm and strengthen brain and nerves. So very helpful in problems such as unconsciousness, vertigo and brain disorders. It is very useful in problem of thirst and temperature associated fevers.

What does Ganas mean in Spanish to English?

A plural noun indicates that there is more than one person, place, thing, or idea. No tengo ganas de ir a cenar a un restaurante japonés.I have no desire to go to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. b. This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation. ¡Qué ganas tengo de salir a bailar!

What is the scientific name of the ushira plant?

Description of the Ushira. Ushira (Vetiver) is known as nectar in summers as it lightens all health issues related to heat and summer. The scientific name of the Ushira plant is Vetiveria zizanioides. It is famous with the name of khus.

Who are the Gana and what do they do?

In Hinduism, the gana are attendants who reside in chthonic and liminal locations such as cemeteries and charnel grounds. The gana also attend Shiva on Mount Kailash. The story of creation of Virabhadra from Shiva’s lock and the destruction of Daksha by Virabhadra and his ganas are popular stories from the Puraṇas.

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