What is the meaning of kending?

What is the meaning of kending?

kěn dìng. to be certain to be positive assuredly definitely to give recognition to affirm affirmative (answer)

What is Guo Chinese?

“Guo”, written in Chinese: 郭, is one of the most common Chinese surnames and means “the wall that surrounds a city” in Chinese. It can also be transliterated into English as Cok, Gou, Quo, Quach, Quek, Que, Keh, Kuo, Kwo, Kuoch, Kok, Koc, Kwek, Kwik, Kwok, Kuok, Kuek, Gock, Koay, or Ker.

Is Heng Chinese?

Heng is mostly identified as a Teochew-romanized Chinese surname written 王 (Wáng in Hanyu Pinyin) in Singapore and Malaysia. The Chinese surname was listed 8th on the famous Song Dynasty list of the Hundred Family Surnames and is the most common surname in mainland China.

What does Shén me mean in Chinese?

甚/ 什(shén) is pronounced in the 2nd tone. This is a rising tone that starts from a lower pitch then rises upwards. On the other hand, 么is an unaccented word. Thus, in terms of tones, the Chinese term for “what” can be written as “shen2 me.”

How do you write Yi Ding in Chinese?

English translation of 一定 ( yiding / yídìng ) – certainly in Chinese.

Is Guo a male or female name?

The name Guo is primarily a male name of Chinese origin that means Country; Nation.

How many people have the last name Guo?

Guo Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 14,057 1:25,785
Singapore 13,237 1:416
Hong Kong 7,674 1:956
Canada 4,719 1:7,808

Is Ong a Chinese last name?

Ong is a Hokkien romanization of several Chinese surnames: 王 (Wáng in Hanyu Pinyin), 汪 (also Wāng), 黃 (traditional) or 黄 (simplified; Huáng); and 翁 (Weng). Ong or Onge is also a surname of English origin, with earliest known records found in Western Suffolk taxation records from c. 1280 AD.

How do you say book in Mandarin?


  1. (= novel etc) 书(書) (shū) (本, běn)
  2. [of stamps, tickets] 册(冊) (cè)

What is yiding in Chinese?

The Chinese word yiding – 一定 – yídìng. (certainly in Chinese)

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