Can a reference include sickness?

Can a reference include sickness?

Your potential employer can ask your current employer to include information in a reference about the number of sick days you took while employed by them.

Can an employer ask about sickness in a reference?

As a general principle, it is not permissible for an employer to ask a job applicant any questions about their health or disability until they have been offered a job. It is also not advisable to ask someone how many sick days they took in their last role.

Can employers ask for sickness record UK?

The general position is that it is unlawful for an employer to ask any job applicant about their health or disability unless and until the applicant has been offered a job.

Can I go for an interview while on sick leave?

Time off for job interviews If you are taking sickness absence and wish to attend an interview, it is advisable for you to book annual leave in order to attend. If you attend an interview while signed off sick your employer could potentially take action against you.

What information can an employer give in a reference?

What a detailed reference says

  • answers to questions from the employer requesting the reference.
  • details about your skills, ability and experience.
  • details about your character, strengths and weaknesses relating to your suitability for the new role.
  • how often you were off work.
  • disciplinary details.

Can a reference ask about sick leave UK?

Section 60 of the Equality Act 2010 restricts the circumstances in which an employer can ask an applicant about their health before making an offer of employment. This would include enquiries about the amount of sickness absence that they have had.

What does the Equality Act say about disability?

What the law says The Equality Act 2010 (EqA) defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long term adverse effect on someone’s ability to carry out normal daily activities.

Is there discrimination on the basis of sickness absence?

In addition, there will be no discrimination if the employer shows that it did not know, and could not reasonably have been expected to know, that the person had Trades Union Congress Sickness Absence and Disability Discrimination7 the disability.

Can a employer take into account a sickness absence?

An employer may take into account disability related absences in operating a sickness absence procedure. Whether by doing so he treats an employee less favourably and acts unlawfully will generally depend on whether he is justified or not…”

Can a reference request ask about sickness absence?

While they could ask all sorts of questions in reference requests, you need to be careful in how you respond. Don’t openly answer everything as the wrong answer can easily invite a tribunal claim. One area that causes much confusion is previous sickness absence.

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