What is a good swimbait rod?

What is a good swimbait rod?

Below are our picks for the best swimbait rods on the market:

Rod Length Lure Weight
Dobyns Champion Series Swimbait Rod 8′ 3 – 10 oz
Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod 7’11” 5 – 14 oz
Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Rod 7’6” ½ – 1 ½ oz
Dobyns Fury Casting Rod 8′ 2 – 8 oz.

What action rod is best for swimbaits?

One of the best swimbait rods for the money is the Dobyns Fury Series FR 795SB. It’s a 7′-9″ medium-heavy rod with a fast action tip. It’s rated for one to five ounces, meaning it will handle baits within that weight range. This is just an all around great swimbait rod.

Who makes megabass?

BassFans probably recognize Megabass as a bait and rod company, but this tackle giant is also well known in Japan for its reels, which Daiwa manufactures for the company. The centerpiece of the Megabass reel display was its IS73C (Competition), with a custom carbon handle, 11+1 bearings and 7.3:1 gear ratio.

How big is a Megabass bass tackle Rod?

You can ask anything about this item before it’s done.Specifics:Rod length: 6’8″Number of piece:1Power: F4Lure Weight: 1/4-3/4ozLine Weight: 8-20lbAction/Taper:Regular Condition:Now we are preparing the description and photos.

How does the Megabass magdraft swimbait technology work?

Utilizing Megabass’ Maghold technology, the Megabass Magdraft Swimbait features a super-strong magnet that hugs the treble hook close to the body of the bait. This streamlined presentation allows the Megabass Magdraft to move through snaggy areas with less chance of getting hung-up and also hides hardware from discerning predators.

How many models of Megabass Levante rods are there?

Completely redesigned for 2019, the LEVANTE features material, blank, and component upgrades to deliver a new standard of lightweight, balanced power. 12 models cover the needs of discerning anglers, showcasing Megabass’ commitment to application-specific design and development in North America.

How tall is a Megabass darter Jerkbait special?

The JERKBAIT SPECIAL is purpose-built to maximize the performance of Megabass jerkbaits like the Vision Oneten and X-80 Trick Darter. Ideal length of 6’11” combined with shortened rear grip allows for easy, balanced cadence and long casts.

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