Is Oundle School a charity?

Is Oundle School a charity?

Organised along similar lines to Young Enterprise schemes, Oundle Charity Venturers is a voluntary activity, which takes place on a weekly basis. Pupils form companies comprising six to eight members, each bringing different talents suited to different roles, such as finance, ICT, product development or communication.

Is Oundle School good?

Oundle considers itself one of the top co-educational boarding schools in the country. Academic standards are high with most pupils proceeding to top universities including about 25 to Oxbridge each year. 2016:Oundle is a great School.

How many pupils does Oundle have?

Oundle is home to 847 boarders and 268 day pupils, which equates to a pupil population of approximately three quarters full boarding and a quarter day.

What county is Oundle School?

Oundle School is a public school (English independent day and boarding school for pupils aged 11–18) situated in the market town of Oundle in Northamptonshire, England.

Who are the members of the Oundle Society?

The Oundle Society seeks to serve and engage all supporters of Oundle School, including Old Oundelians, current and former parents. Your association with Oundle is life-long, and we warmly invite you to be an active part of, and to keep in touch with, your School.

Who is the CEO of the Society of Petroleum Engineers?

SPE is the largest individual member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the oil and gas industry. Video. Society of Petroleum Engineers CEO and Executive Vice President Mark Rubin discusses the many opportunities and advantages to being an SPE member.

How does the Oundle Society help the school?

Through the Oundle School Foundation, the Society assists the School in its constitutional object of offering an education of the highest possible quality, whilst also seeking to extend the benefits of such an education as widely and generously as we can.

How does the OO club help old Oundelians?

The OO Network is a bespoke online networking platform enabling Old Oundelians to find and connect with fellow members of the OO Community in a trusted environment. The platform provides the opportunity to grow your professional and personal contacts, connect with others in similar regions or industries to develop your career, or seek guidance.

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