What happened to TSW wheels?

What happened to TSW wheels?

In 2001, the TSW aftermarket wheels operations were split off from the OE wheel production which continued to operate under the Tiger Wheel and ATS name. As part of the acquisition, TSW acquired the Status Alloys, Ruff Wheels, Tuff A.T., and XO Luxury brands.

Are TSW wheels good?

First reason why TSW wheels are good is that they have many wheels to choose from. They make the largest variety of wheels such as mesh, multi-spoke, split-spoke wheels and so on. They are affordable and available for many brand name cars, see here. They try to do more than just design good looking wheels.

How do I contact TSW wheels?

If you want more information please call TSW wheels at 1-800-959-1969. DISCLAIMER: The information included in the TSW application guide is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Are TSW real wheels?

No. They make their own designs. And their quality is really quite good, on par with other mid-level wheels like Enkei’s better lines.

Are TSW rims light?

We look at the high engineering and manufacturing standards of TSW brand wheels – which result in uncompromised light weight, strength, looks, correct offset, and perfect balance. TSW wheels are one-piece cast wheels, made to the highest standards of manufacturing.

What are premium wheels?

Premium wheels are alloy wheels with chrome placed on top of the alloy. The difference between the two wheels is purely aesthetic.

What is TSW skin condition?

TSW is a skin condition that can develop from the frequent use of potent steroids. The condition usually develops within days to weeks after stopping the use of topical steroids, or it can manifest as a worsening rash which then requires stronger and more frequent application of topical steroids to control it.

What kind of wheels do TSW wheels make?

TSW Alloy Wheels are designed and engineered to fit your vehicle. TSW Alloy Wheels designs and engineers a stunning range of staggered aftermarket custom wheels to fit your vehicle. Nothing sets your car or SUV apart like a new set of distinctive custom wheels from TSW.

Who is the founder of TSW Alloy wheels?

TSW Alloy Wheels was founded back in the 1960’s by a Formula One driver and has had a continuous involvement in motor sports ever since. Most of our custom wheels take their names from the world’s great racing venues.

Who is TSW and what do they do?

TSW designs a wide range of aftermarket wheels. We’re obsessed with quality and passionate about engineering high performance alloy wheels for your vehicle. TSW Alloy Wheels designs and engineers a range of staggered aftermarket wheels to fit your car or SUV.

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