What happens to the crew after Voyager?

What happens to the crew after Voyager?

After the Voyager officers broke out their fellow crew people, they boarded the gutted Voyager, took over the ship from a Starfleet security crew to allow Icheb and Seven to regenerate. In July, Voyager was officially re-launched and sent on its first mission under Captain Chakotay.

How many crew members did Voyager lose?

Doctor mentions one fatality. It would be weird if that was the only one, considering that Voyager has been taken over by the Hirogen after a heavy battle. So now there should be at most 131 – 133 crew members left.

How many Star Trek Voyager Books are there?

21 Books
Star Trek: Voyager Book Series (21 Books)

What happened to 7 of 9 on Star Trek: Voyager?

One sacrifices his life to destroy a Borg sphere and protect the vessel, dying in front of an emotional Seven. In the alternative future shown in “Timeless”, Seven of Nine and the vast majority of the Voyager crew are dead.

What happened to chakotay after Voyager?

Chakotay died in 2394, following Voyager’s return, and Admiral Janeway visits his grave marker in that episode. This future was undone by the future Janeway travelling back in time to Voyager to return it to Earth sooner.

Do Janeway and Chakotay get together in the books?

In the non-canon Trek novels, Chakotay promptly ends his relationship with Seven shortly after returning to the Alpha Quadrant and he takes command of Voyager after Janeway is promoted to Admiral. Chakotay and Janeway do consummate their relationship, but just before Janeway’s untimely death.

Are there any novels about the Voyager crew?

Star Trek: Voyager – Starfleet Academy young adult miniseries explores the lives of the Voyager crew as Starfleet Academy cadets. Invasion! Interlinked novels set after the episode ” Endgame “. String Theory (2005–06) miniseries is set between Seasons 4 and 5 of the television series, and contains links to other relaunch novels.

Who are the creators of Star Trek Voyager?

The Star Trek: Voyager is a television series that was created by Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor and Michael Piller.

Who are the characters in the Voyager relaunch?

Voyager relaunch. The Voyager relaunch is a moniker given to the set of novels written after the events of “Endgame”, the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Characters. Vice Admiral Kathryn Elizabeth Janeway (2377 – 2380; 2381-) – Promoted to the admiralty after returning home from the Delta Quadrant in December of 2377.

What was the first episode of Star Trek Voyager?

Star Trek: Voyager – String Theory was published on the tenth-anniversary of the television series. The series opens with a violent encounter with the Nacene, the extra-galactic race seen in episodes ” Caretaker ” and ” Cold Fire “.

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