What weapons do powertech use?

What weapons do powertech use?


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Faction Starting Class Armor Type Weapons Primary Stat Roles Sith Empire Bounty Hunter Heavy Armor Blaster Pistol Aim Ranged DPS, Tank

Which is better mercenary or powertech?

Mercenary is tougher and does more damage than all forms of the powertech in a lot of situations. In PVP, just make sure you have some backup when playing the Merc/Mando, those activation times are a huge pain in the ass when fighting enemies that don’t have activation times on their attacks and heals.

What weapons do bounty hunters use swtor?


  • Blaster Pistol.
  • Flamethrower / Energy Shields.
  • Ranged DPS or Mid-Range Tank.

What are the DPS specs for SWTOR Pyrotech?

A guide to SWTOR Powertech Pyrotech and Advanced Prototype DPS specs for PvE. Written and edited by Invinc and Vindrik of Harbinger The Powertech is one of the 3 classes that has access to a taunt and defensive cooldowns that allow them to offtank should the need arise, as well as being one of the two melee dps classes with heavy armor.

What can PowerTech do in PvE in SWTOR?

Welcome to this guide about the PowerTech (PT) in the Advanced Prototype (AP) specialization. AP PowerTech is currently an incredibly useful class in every kind of PvE content because it does quite a lot of damage and brings great utility to every raid.

Which is the best DPS class in SWTOR?

It’s hard to pinpoint the actual “best” within SWTOR – it’s one of the few games I’ve played where the classes actually feel quite well-balanced, so there isn’t a huge discrepancy in what each of them can achieve.

Which is the best PowerTech DPS build?

A Hybrid Pyrotech / Advanced Prototype build is currently the most popular Powertech dps spec, as it has the highest potential dps, however it is also the most difficult spec to play due to the mixed management of abilities from both Pyrotech and Advanced Prototype trees .

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